Prom is one of the most magical nights for teens. It is a day when they get all dressed up and look beautiful. It takes months to find that perfect prom gown. It has to be perfect since this is the most important night of the year for Seniors and Juniors (and a few lucky Sophomores and Freshmen). Once they have found their perfect dress, what should they do about their shoes? After all, shoes are important as well. Although no one is probably going to notice their shoes, they have to be perfect as well. The entire prom look is an ensemble that must go together. The shoes can ruin the entire ensemble so the shoes must match the outfit. They have to look amazing with the prom dress and need to complete the look. Believe it or not, it is relatively easy to find the perfect pair of dress shoes. You will need to know some tricks that fashion experts like to keep secret.


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Mix and Match Shoes

The shoes should match the dress in both color and the design of the dress. The shoes should also complement the shape of the foot. The shoes should be comfortable to walk in and dance in. You will definitely want to make sure you can dance in them. You should make sure that the style of the shoes are matched with comfort. You do not want shoes that look great if you cannot walk in them. Just as you don't want ugly shoes that do not match the dress.

Finding Stylish Comfortable Shoes

Can you really find comfortable prom shoes that are stylish? Yes, it is possible to have style without pain. Some girls are willing to go through a night of pain to wear the perfect shoes but you don't need to do this. You can easily have style with comfort. Imagine going to prom and not being able to dance because your feet hurt too much. Or your date wants to go for a long romantic walk after the dance but you have to decline because there is no way you can take another step. One tiny pair of shoes can ruin this once in a lifetime event.

Coloriffics Womens Gala PumpHigh heels are a popular choice for prom as they make a girl stand up straight, look taller and will make her legs look long and thin. The problem with high heels is that they are extremely uncomfortable and feet are not designed to high the heel that high. There are some comfortable high heels. If you find a pair of heels that you like, wear them around the house for a few hours to see how they feel. If your feet hurt, return them (if they still look new) and buy something more comfortable. The best advice when it comes to heels is to not go over two inches tall. Two inches is comfortable but is still tall enough to add height and make the legs look longer. There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to high heels. Strappy sandals and enclosed toe shoes are the most popular varieties. Sandals look great with manicured feet but they can be uncomfortable, especially when you will be on your feet all night dancing. The straps can slip and dig into the foot. The enclosed toe heels are far more comfortable than sandals but they should have a soft cushion. Otherwise they may cause blisters to develop on the toes from rubbing the side of the shoes.

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Ballet shoes are cute and comfortable but are not fancy enough to go with prom gowns. They are best to wear at school with a nice skirt or a pair of jeans. They are not suited for prom. If you do decide to wear ballet shoes, make sure they at least match the color of the dress. Ballet shoes can come with sequins to make them a little more fancy.

Always make sure your shoes fit your feet and are not too tight or too big. Having shoes that are the incorrect size can be disastrous. If the shoes are too big, they will fly off your feet and you will be embarrassed. If the shoes are too tight, they will be uncomfortable and your night will likely be ruined. Break in your shoes before prom night.

Spend a couple hours each day wearing the shoes to get them stretched out and formed to your feet. It will also get your feet used to them. Some shoes will be slippery on the bottom so you will want to get them scuffed up so you don't fall when you are dancing.

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Style Options

Touch Ups Womens Abby PumpYour prom shoes must match your dress if you want your ensemble to be perfect. They should be the same color or, if they are not, they should be a complimentary color. The most popular colors for an even shoe include black, gold, creme, silver and white. Make sure they go with your dress and they don't stand out too much. You don't want people staring at your feet all night and not looking at your gorgeous dress. For a dress that has a lot of sequins and glam, silver and gold shoes are perfect. For a dress that is darker, a white or black shoe is a good choice. Wear white or creme colored shoes if your dress is trimed in white or creme.

Some girls will dye their shoes to match the color of their dress but this can be dangerous if not done correctly. Your shoes may end up being a strange color that does not match your dress if professional dye is not used. Just about any type of shoe can be dyed including leather, synthetic leather, satin and fabric shoes. It is a good idea to pay someone to dye your shoes for you. Give them a color swatch from your prom dress and make sure the person dying the shoes knows exactly what you want before they start dying the shoes.

Remember, you can wear these shoes after prom so choose a pair of shoes that you really like. This will make the shoes more useful and you won't be wasting your money on something you will only wear one time. Remember to choose a pair that is comfortable, matches your dress and looks stylish.