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Great flavor

Soft and moist

No high fructose corn syrup


Hard to eat just one

Full Review

The Promax protein bars cookies 'n' cream flavor is one of their better protein bars in my humble opinion. This bar has a chocolate interior with tiny pieces of cookies and a sweet white exterior which represents the cream.

I split one of these bars between myself, my husband and my nine year old son to get everyone's opinions and we all had positive things to say about these Promax bars.

The outside of the cookie's 'n' cream promax bars has a very mild flavor. My husband said that he didn't taste the outside at all when he was eating the bar but my son and I did. It's a vanilla flavor similar to that of the middle of an Oreo cookie. The interior of the bar is extremely soft which is not typical among Promax bars. It's soft and chewy and nearly melts in your mouth. There is a slight grittiness in the bar which we discovered was tiny little bits of cookies. Many protein bars are extremely dry and Promax bars are usually no exception to this rule but cookies 'n' cream is anything but dry. The bars were moist, soft and delicious.

None of us felt like we needed a drink when we were finished with our Promax bars and, in all honesty, I would have liked another one. This is one of those protein bars that you actually look forward to eating rather than one that you eat to fend off cravings for junk food or just because you need the protein.

Another advantage of the cookies 'n' cream Promax bars is that they do not contain high fructose corn syrup. Most of the Promax protein bars do contain HFCS but the company is in the process of eliminating this ingredient from their products. Currently as of March 2010, three Promax protein bars do not contain HFCS, they are: cookies 'n' cream, double fudge brownie, and chocolate peanut crunch. Some people are not concerned about HFCS which is fine, but if you are concerned then one of these Promax bars are definitely a good choice for you.

It also has 20 grams of protein just like the rest of the Promax protein bars. If you haven't seen Promax bars, try looking at your local Alberton's grocery store or a 24 hour fitness gym. I wait until they go on sale so that I can pick them up for $1.00 each. Promax protein bars freeze beautifully and you can leave them in your freezer for months until you need them. While you can eat them frozen, keep in mind that they will be pretty hard. I like to stick them in the refrigerator the night before a hectic day so that we have them on hand just in case.

In Closing

I will keep buying these Promax protein bars. They taste great and I do try to avoid high fructose corn syrup so that definitely makes me like these bars even more.