Very chocolatey

No high fructose corn syrup


May be too rich

Very dry

Full Review

The double fudge Promax protein bars packaging features two thick brownies with chocolate syrup poured over the top. This really isn't too far off the mark as the Promax bars do taste like brownies. My husband and I split one and agreed that the flavor is very similar to Little Debbie's brownies that you would buy at the grocery store. I do have to add that the bar is extremely dry and because of that, it kind of tastes like a brownie that you may have removed from the packaging and left sitting on the counter overnight. It's extremely dense, dry and you really need a glass of water to properly enjoy it.

That being said, my husband really enjoyed this flavor of Promax bars. He said that he would definitely try it again and that it was perfect for when you are craving chocolate but don't want to eat a candy bar or a brownie. He didn't mind the dryness at all really. I will add that my husband loves Little Debbie's snacks and I'm pretty sure that he misses them when he's watching his diet so that may have something to do with his enjoyment of the double fudge Promax protein bars.

I didn't really like these Promax bars. I'm a big fan of Promax protein bars but this missed the mark for me. I felt like I was eating a stale brownie. The chocolate flavor was also too rich and I had a difficult time finishing the bar. I don't think that I could eat a whole one. I love chocolate but I prefer another flavor to go along with it such as chocolate and cherries or chocolate and nuts rather than just chunk o' chocolate.

One thing I feel necessary to note about these Promax protein bars is that this particular flavor does not contain high fructose corn syrup. HFCS has gotten plenty of press lately, both good and bad. If you don't worry about HFCS then this probably isn't a big deal to you but if you do worry about it, then you should know that it is a common ingredient in protein bars. If you are trying to avoid HFCS, you've probably already noticed that on many popular brands of protein bars. Most Promax protein bars do contain HFCS although the company is attempting to remove the ingredient from all of their products. As of March 2010, HFCS had been successfully removed from three of the Promax bars flavors: double fudge brownie, cookies 'n' cream, and chocolate peanut crunch.

In Closing

The double fudge Promax bars provide 20 grams of protein each and they're definitely a better alternative than brownies when you are dieting so if you're really craving some chocolate but brownies don't fit into your menu, give one of these Promax bars a try. If you are not a big chocolate fan, avoid this flavor.