Crisp rice inside

Peanut butter and chocolate flavor



Not extremely sweet

Full Review

For some strange reason, when I tried the Nutty Butter Crisp Promax protein bars, I did not expect them to be crunchy. Every single one of the other Promax bars I've tried have had a smooth center so I expected this one to be the same, just peanut butter flavored and maybe with a few peanuts in it.

The center is literally crispy. It has pieces of crisp rice like a Nestle Crunch bar does. These crispies are suspended in a peanut butter flavored center which made me think of natural peanut butter rather than the sweetened kind you find in most grocery stores. The outside of the bar is a chocolate shell.

I really enjoyed the flavor of these Promax bars and it reminded me of a Nutty Bar. I haven't had a Nutty Bar in about ten years though so please forgive me if that isn't an exact description. The crispy rice was a really nice touch I thought and it made this bar more interesting than many of the Promax protein bars I've had in the past. I was a big fan of Nestle Crunch bars and Rice Krispy treats before I started eating clean though so I'm sure that has something to do with it.

My husband just thought it was alright. He wasn't super impressed but I think he likes a much sweeter type of peanut butter. I personally enjoy natural peanut butter but when I but it, my husband would rather not eat peanut butter at all so take that into account if you are considering purchasing one of these Promax bars.

My son said that they were awesome but in all fairness I do have to tell you that my son has never met a protein bar he didn't like.

These bars contain 20 grams of protein just like most of the Promax protein bars. I actually thought that this bar was more filling than some of the other Promax bars I've had. I think that had a lot to do with the fact that you actually need to chew this bar. The slightly crunch texture makes you feel like you're eating something substantial which can be an incredibly good thing if you are on a calorie restricted diet.

In Closing

I'll definitely be purchasing these Promax protein bars again. I like the fact that they are not as sweet as most protein bars. I think the Nutty Butter Crunch protein bars would make an excellent snack on a busy day when you don't have time to stop and eat.