The term “promise rings” often invokes an image of a young person who has chosen to remain a virgin until marriage and wears a ring to represent their decision. However, there are different kinds of promise rings, and they can have multiple meanings. Promise rings for couples, for example, are becoming almost as prevalent in some areas as other kinds of promise rings.

Endless Love - Wedding Band Tianium Stainless Steel Couples Promise RingPromise rings for couples are not to be confused with wedding rings or even engagement rings. Though they can be exchanged in a similar fashion to those in a wedding ceremony, these promise rings are instead put on the couples’ fingers before marriage, although promise rings do not necessarily mean the couple is going to get married.

Instead, promise rings for couples can mean different things to different people. In general, however, they are a celebration of a happy and successful relationship between two people, and they express the commitment between them. A promise ring essentially symbolizes that the couple is exclusive and plans to stay together for a long time. Others may simply want to get promise rings to celebrate that they have been dating for a long period of time and are still going strong. Promise rings for couples therefore make a good first-date anniversary gift.

Stainless Steel Love - I will always be with you - Couples Promise Rings Wedding Bands with Cubic ZirconiaFor some people, promise rings for couples may even have a similar significance to other kinds of promise rings. In these cases, the couple agrees to save their virginity for each other if there is a strong chance they will be getting married in the future. Again though, it all depends on the couple, and there is no one meaning of promise rings.

If you and your significant other are thinking about getting promise rings, you are not alone. Several sources over the past few years have indicated that not only are promise rings for couples steadily increasing in popularity (at least in some circles) but they are changing both in style and meaning.

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Unlike the wedding ring, which is believed to have originated in ancient times, promise rings are not known to have existed long before the 20th century, and the term “promise ring” is even more recent. Originally, the woman in a traditional man-woman relationship was the one who wore a promise ring, often given to her by the man (though again, this should not be confused with an engagement ring). Now however, modern times have seen a rise in matching promise rings for couples as well as specific promise rings for men.

Lovers Heart Shape Titanium Stainless Steel Promise Ring - Real Love - Couple Wedding bandsWhen a man or woman gives a promise ring to their significant other, it usually means that they care for that person deeply and believe their feelings are returned. Promise rings for him rather than her have become more prevalent, but they are still not nearly as common as the female version. Because of this, Nevertheless, jewelry retailers usually have a group of rings available exclusively in men’s styles, and many have added promise rings for men to their selection.

Matching promise rings for couples may prove to be the best option for many pairs. Choosing to get these rings can be a decision you both make together, or the set of rings can be a gift from you to your significant other. Because promise rings are meant for long-term wear, however, many people will want to have a say in what they look like. Whether they are matching or individual promise rings, going to pick them out together can be a fun activity that brings the two of you closer together.

Nowadays many couples are looking to have their promise rings personalized. There are different ways to do this, and one option is to have the rings engraved. Engraving has been very common with wedding rings for a long time now, but engraved promise rings for couples have started becoming more popular as well. The engravings can be a small message that is significant to the couple, or more simply— their names (pet names and nicknames are also an option). Many jewelers will usually offer to do engravings, though usually at an extra cost. If, for some reason, the jeweler does not have engraving capabilities, they will almost always have connections with someone who does.

Diamond Promise Ring Set in Sterling SilverOther personalization options include specific designs and colors, which can be discussed with the jeweler. While these personalized touches are certainly not necessary, they can give the promise rings for couples meaning— at least, a more personal meaning than they already have. If you get your promise rings personalized, you will proudly be able to say that your rings are truly unique and no other couple has the same set. Even if you don’t necessarily get the rings personalized, some jewelers may even have the option of making exclusive rings just for you and your significant other. Though it usually costs extra, this guarantees that the jeweler will not make the same ring for anybody else.

Professional jewelry retailers like Kay Jewelers are by far the best places to go for these rings, but there are other options if you’re on a budget. Large warehouse stores or mega supermarkets like Walmart, for example, often offer promise rings for couples in a variety of styles that look high quality at a fraction of the price similar rings would cost at other locations. Some Walmart promise rings may even be rollback items, which means they are further discounted because they come from a large stock. While not appealing to everyone, getting promise rings at a cheap price can save a lot of couples— particularly young couples— a lot of money that can be used for bigger things, such as their eventual wedding and/or home together.

If you feel that your relationship has reached a certain level where you are devoted to each other but perhaps not ready just yet to say “I do,” promise rings for couples may be the appropriate next step for you. Just be sure to get rings that are meaningful and beautiful to both of you.

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