FacebookCredit: http://mrg.bz/yiXkmt;By Karpati Gabor

Facebook groups are private or secret groups that you can join online through facebook. There are some for all types of interests. Some are geared towards making money, some are diet groups for support, and some are just organizations like churches that want to stay in touch during the week. This article will show you how to use them correctly without abusing or spamming.

The most important thing is to join those that you are interested in. If you don’t and you post articles, you are spamming. If you are not a contributing member of the group, they will realize why you are there.  You can be banned permanently without warning and you also can be reported to Facebook.

Most likely, what you write about interests you most. Join those groups that spark your interest most and you won’t have any trouble posting articles of interest that people will want to read. Posting articles three times a day would not be appropriate. Once a day would be adequate or once a week at least.  You should always ask the administrator of the group or read the rules that are posted.

They can have memberships of a few hundred to a few thousand. Not a lot but here is why it’s better. These are targeted audiences for specific articles.

You could also start your own Facebook group geared towards your largest subject of articles written.  For instance, if you write a ton of articles on dieting, you could start a diet one.  A word of advice is though; don’t just start it so you can post articles. Start one that you are passionate about and if you have the time to put into it. If it’s for support  especially, you should make it about helping others and post your articles that will be helpful to them.  It will show how much you put into your Facebook group why you are really there.

  Even the selling groups can be helpful to promote your articles. I created two groups in the past year. One is resale of anything related to kids. The other is a new item resale.  There are lots of articles to post on these types of sites.

It would not be helpful to start a secret group. These are groups that hide from others so they can talk freely without the public seeing and without members asking to join.  You will still have the tools to accept or decline members if you start a regular group.


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