Blog Directories

Blog promotion is a hot topic for the millions of bloggers world wide, for most the process of bringing visitors to your blog can be frustrating.First lets look at the options available, just were will the traffic to your blog come from?.There are three main areas Search Engine Traffic, Direct Traffic and Traffic coming from links around the web to your blog.When you start out, your blog will get very little direct traffic as you are not well known, search engine traffic can take time to build and although you can work to make your blog 'Search Engine Friendly' this is in the hands of Google and other search engines.You can however get to work straight away on building links to your blog around the web.

Blog Directories are like social community's for bloggers and people looking to find blogs writing on topics their interested in.Internally Blog Directories have search features and categorize blogs into niches for users to easily find what they are looking for and that can bring you traffic.Even more important than this, the top Blog Directories rank well on Google, Bing and other search engines.So if your blog is listed in a Directory it will be listed in search engines.

Blog Directories are not to confused with another method of blog promotion using Social Bookmarking Websites.You can submit a singular post or article to a social bookmarking site but you submit your entire blog to blog directories.

Now you know why you should submit your blog to blog Directories lets look at the best ones available, but more importantly we will look at the best current and active blog directories.The list is not in any particular order although Blog Catalog is my personal favorite.

The Top Ten Blog Directories

Promote Your Blog Top 10  List1. Blog Catalog

2. Best of the Web Blogs

3. Blog Hub

4. Blog Flux

5. Blog Hub

6. Technorati

7. Blog Hints

8. Blogging Fusion

9. Blogged

10. Blog explosion

Most of these blog Directories have an approval process that can take 24-36 hours but if your blog is genuine it will be accepted and it's defiantly worth the wait.This is one of the many steps you can take to promote your blog and start getting noticed.By all means submit your blog to as many directorys as you like but if you can have an active pressence (Make friends, join groups, take part in discussions) in one or two it could really pay off.