Credit: Skippy Sanchez

Let’s face it: people are busy. Even during their leisure time, they are busily scanning the internet for something to catch their attention, and you want your brand to be that something. But if you only get someone to notice you for a moment with facts and figures, then that moment will be quickly forgotten. Instead, consider using storytelling as a marketing tactic; let your audience hear your story and they will not only remember you, but will root for you, too. 

Writing a good company story doesn’t have to be a challenge, though. If you want to build your brand’s reputation, just be yourself. That doesn’t mean airing all of your dirty laundry, of course. It just means that you should try to be as transparent as possible. Create a story based on the history of the company and keep it fresh by actively adding to it through good deeds, high customer satisfaction, and strong employee morale.

It is also a good idea to share your story from as many perspectives as possible. This allows for a wide range of relatable characters to tell your story. Whether from the perspective of a customer, an employee, or the CEO of the company, multiple perspectives broaden the scope for those who can directly relate to the message of your story.

Another important part to creating a captivating story is to incorporate a plot. Your company’s history follows a timeline, sure, but does it have direction? Is there a conflict that must be overcome or does it just peter along in the pursuit of the mighty dollar? By telling readers that your brand accomplishes a goal or solves a problem, you are reminding your readers that your product is necessary in order to defeat their personal antagonists.

Lastly, to use storytelling as a marketing tactic, it is important to remember not to let it all out at once. Rounding off your story with a “cliff-hanger” tells your readers that there is more to the picture, and encourages their return. This is also a good way for your brand to keep a fresh presence with readers, which will help them remember you even when they aren’t on your web page.

Your company's story is as unique as the company itself. Use this to your advantage by delivering this one-of-a-kind story to an intrigued public and keep them wanting more. By using storytelling as a marketing tactic, you will be able to build connections with clients by relating to them. You will also maintain a fresh and persistent presence with consumers which will promote future sales.

Your company's story is something to be proud of, and sharing it will bring your brand closer to the public, so please, tell us a little bit about yourself.

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