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Do you have a business, service, or product you want to market? Do you fancy yourself a master of the English language and its grammar? With so many venues for marketing, websites and blog sites, forums, etc., and only 24 hours in the day, it's always difficult to choose where to spend your valuable time marketing, wondering which search engine will eventually pick it up or if it will at all. Learn how to market yourself with Write your own traffic ticket!

Promote your business Ezine Marketing System is a unique matching service for writers who have expertise in their subject field. It's a great resource for published authors, too. Since 1999, Ezine has been offering this service to its writers free of charge. Hundreds of newsletter publishers browse the Ezine site for fresh content to use in their newsletters. That means your articles, with copyright info, contact, URL info, your products, could get exposure to hundreds, thousands of other newsletter readers and potential customers.

For instance, this is purely hypothetical. [Please substitute your service or expertise for 'plumbing widget'.] Let's say you own a plumbing business, know a lot about plumbing, brands, new ideas and solutions, plumbing installation, and you have invented a new plumbing widget. You require more exposure to find more customers. You've built a web site for your business, the widget is being advertised there, but you need more action, more traffic, yes, more customers.

If you are a good writer, will work for you and directly increase new traffic to promote your website online. You will write articles about plumbing, home improvement, plumbing installation, use your expertise to write good fresh content for company newsletters such as Kohler, or a construction company. The staff from the searching companies visit to choose new articles for their next newsletter.

In browsing EzineArticles about home improvement, they see yours, select it, and choose to publish it in their newsletter. Your name, company name, website, news about your new widget, will be received by thousands on their list. EzineArticles has provided a resource/signature block at the end of the article submission, where you can include all this info. Your article is copyrighted as original work with contact information included. Publishers are required to print this info in the online or hardcopy newsletter with your article.

The advantage to this is you become known as an expert in your field of expertise to the reader, even before he visits your site. Reading your article reinforces in the customer's mind what you can do for them. It increases traffic to your site from already interested customers.

EzineArticles' software is designed to give your article, your product, your service, website or blog, your new widget instant exposure and return traffic to your site by thousands or maybe millions, while your website could be waiting in line forever on other search engines to get the same promotion.