In the early days of blogging, any link in comments on a blog post would be indexed and followed by the search engines - giving the sites being linked to a search engine ranking boost.

Unfortunately, this led to a huge amount of SPAM and nasty comments being posted.

So came the NOFOLLOW tag for blogs. A site that uses NOFOLLOW tells search engines "don't look at links in comments on this blog."

The negative side of NOFOLLOW is that legitimate comments don't get recognition from Google or other search engines.

To counteract this is the DOFollow movement. DoFollow isn't a tag - rather it is the absence of NOFOLLOW. Approved DoFollow blog comments get indexed by search engines and commenters' websites get the promotion they deserve.

If done right, this can be a grand way to get links to your website.

Things You Will Need

You will need a website to promote of course.

Step 1

Look up DoFollow blogs that interest you and are relevant to your website.

These are good places to look:

Step 2

Choose a blog or blogs that are relevant to your website. If your website is about computers, visit computer blogs. If your site is about health, comment on health blogs.

Google and the other major search engines love this. They will see one-way links coming from websites in your category and boost your search ranking.

Google especially loves one-way links. That means a website links to your site, but your site doesn't link back.

The category is important. If your site is about health, Google needs to know that by seeing links from other health sites pointing to your site. This helps to put your site into a specific category so it will rank better in searches.

Step 3

When commenting, you should have a place to put your website URL. Put your website info THERE - NOT in the comment itself.

Don't worry, you'll still be getting a link from the blog you comment on. The name you give will be hyperlinked to your site. If someone clicks on your name, he/she will be taken to your website. Additionally, search engines will see that link and credit your site.

Step 4

Don't get spammy.

When commenting on blog posts, take the time to post a GENUINE comment. Actually read the post and comment on it. Don't use it as just an advertising medium.

If you just say "nice post" or "I like this" or blah blah blah... No one cares. What bloggers are looking for is a REAL post with REAL substance.

Generic comments are less likely to be approved, and an unapproved comment means no link for you.

So it's worth the time and effort to read the post and comment accordingly.

Tips & Warnings

* DO. NOT. SPAM. I can't say it enough. If you get spammy with your comments, you will only give yourself and your website a bad name. Make sure to comment normally - don't use someone's hard work just as your advertising platform.