Promoting articles online

Writing articles online is a great method of making money, promoting other online content, and sharing knowledge with the world. In order to increase traffic to your articles it is important to promote your articles online.

Promote With Social Media

Use various social media outlets to promote your articles to your contacts. Twitter is a great way to share your new articles with your followers. Simply send out a tweet to your followers with a link to your article. Be careful not to overdo it, though, as you may drive away followers if you overdo it. Also promote with Facebook, mySpace, flickr, LinkedIn, and other social media channels. These are all great ways to get theword out about your articles.

Promote Through Blogging

Use your own personal or company blog to promote your articles. You can do this by placing links on your website and writing posts about your article topics that link back to your articles. Having links on your blog does two things for you. It creates a backlink, which improves your Google ranking and therefore increases the number of searchers who find your articles. Secondly, it sends visitors from your blog to your articles.

Promote Through Link Exchange

Contact website owners to exchange links. Find a niche website that is an expert in the topic area of your article. Get in touch with the owner of that website and ask him/her to place a link to your article on his/her page in exchange for you doing the same. This is a simple search engine optimization tactic that can improve your traffic.

Promote via Email

You can also promote your articles with email. First of all, you can email a link of your article to your contacts. This can be problematic, because you can easily turn your contacts away if your article is not relevant to them. Secondly, you can place a link in your email signature that sends traffic to your articles. This will not likely drive a lot of traffic to your articles, but it is one more way to get a few extra visitors to see your articles.