Twitter, like Facebook, has become synonymous with social media networking. So you’ve read a lot of articles on how to promote your business of Facebook. Now, it’s time to check out Twitter. It is basically a micro-blogging platform that allows you to update your status to let your followers know what you’re up to. There are already millions of active Twitter users around the world and it is growing each day. In fact, it is estimated that it increased by 900% last year.

You can take advantage of this marketing tool by understanding Twitter, how it works, and its user profiles. If you operate a business, the goal is to increase your number of followers. The more people “follow” your account, the more exposure you get. Basically, they will receive updates on the posts you make. It is easy enough to set up an account on Twitter. The main problem is that most companies don’t know how to communicate with this community. Here are some tips:

•    Complete Your Profile – make sure to fill in all the fields. Include your website URL as well. It would be better if your Twitter account name matches your company’s name. This will improve brand recall.
•    Import Your Contacts – Twitter lets you import contacts from a variety of platforms including Gmail, Hotmail, and even your address book. Do this to boost your following. Remember that not only will you develop a deeper relationship with your current contacts, people also attract people!
•    Follow Twitter Etiquette – yes, there is such as thing as Twitter etiquette. This means you shouldn’t spam your followers, posting only relevant and interesting information, and following other users among others. It is also important to be active in the community by posting comments on other people’s tweets; this lets them know that you are actually interested in them.
•    Increase Your Follower Base – there are no set rules on how you can build your follower base. Different techniques work for different companies. But here are strategies you can follow: put the “Follow Me on Twitter” link anywhere you can such as forums, your email signature, and blog. Search for Twitter users who have the type of follower base you’d love to have. Follow those users and most of them usually follow back.
•    See Who’s Following Your Friends – try to see who’s following your friends then follow them. It may also be a good idea to check out Twitter directories. Directories help you find users who are likely find you back.
•    Learn from the Best – there are a lot of successful Twitter marketers out there, ask yourself, “What makes them click with users?” Observe what they’re doing right and implement it in your own strategy.

Twitter presents a lot of new opportunities. Marketers are already taking advantage of this to establish the long-term of their business. If you use Twitter correctly, it can become a highly effective tool for your business, helping it grow beyond your wildest imaginings on the World Wide Web.