Promoting your online business without having a storefront can be a little overwhelming. Without a storefront for customers to walk by, how can you draw their attention? You cannot place a regular ad in the paper as you don't have a solid location. It's okay. A lot of businesses have actually gone from having a storefront to exceeding in online sales.

Start a Business Blog

Blogs aren't just for personal use anymore. in fact, most businesses own a blog. It allows you to connect with your customers and gives them a sense of loyalty from both sides. If a customer comments on a blog, he/she may get a response from the company. And they should. The more you interact with your customers, the louder their word of mouth will become.

Build a Newsletter

Along with running a blog, you should consider using a newsletter. Instead of sending coupons out through the mail, you can do the very same thing by emailing your customer base all at once and offering a discount code. You can also use a newsletter to keep customers informed about the company, if you're moving, special deals and any contests you may be running at the time.

Get Social

With social networks on the rise, it's even easier to reach out to your customers. While they may not have time to visit your site on a regular basis, they tend to check their online updates on Facebook and Twitter. Go where your customers are and do as they do. It may be a little more work on your part, but your sales will increase.

Take Interviews or Do Guest Blogs

There are countless blogs out there looking to interview businesses just like yours. Seek them out and see if you cannot arrange a date where they can interview you about your company and its services. You can also write a guest blog for blogs in your niche. This gives the owner a day off from writing content and it helps you build your customer base.