More properly stated, this article could be called how to make your online business or website climb up the search engine ranks, but that is too long to write into a title. So, how do you do all of this? There are several ways, actually. You could try the more conventional way of advertising which consists of print or television ads, possibly radio. These would have you place your website address in the media or show it on the screen or speak it to your radio listener.

But, since your potential clients and customers are already sitting down at their computer, looking at their screens - just like you are right now, by the way - why not reach them through the internet? It is a much less expensive and potentially far greater reaching resource. In fact, your customer base could be worldwide with the right message and marketing campaign.

The only problem with growing your business online and having it climb the ranks is getting it to do that. In other words, it is an easy thing to say get your website to climb up the search engine pages and you will see more traffic to your site. This is obvious, the difficult part is getting that to happen. One main reason why is that many people don't know how to make this happen.

To be honest, most web developers don't know either. This isn't to say they are ignorant, it is simply another facet to the business that is not their specialty. Well, it is because of a lengthy and experiential process that you are hearing this information here. What many consultants will not tell you is how they are improving your website's ability to rank for the chosen terms in your industry. It basically boils down to links.

Links to your site from others is what it is all about. The more of them you get from quality sites, the better your rank will be. If you have a few of the top industries in your field all linking to your website, then the search engines will believe that you are a source they should turn to for information. This type of link back to your site from others, appropriately called a backlink, is what will help you climb to the top. These consultants either have contacts with other webmasters in your field (best) or will find others who may. Then, they will have a certain number of these sites send links your way. Another way to go about this is to submit articles to places called article directories and have hypertext links either within the body of those articles or in an author resource box, that will point back to your site. Your options are to either get writing or have others outsource this material for you or both. Best wishes and get writing!