If you are looking for a product to give away for advertising purposes, then you may want to consider promotional calendars. The whole point of giving promo items away it to help keep your company in the minds of your potential customers. You need a product that they will be constantly using instead of ones that they will just keep in a drawer. This article will be about the benefits of giving away calendars as an advertising strategy, some things to avoid doing, as well as where you can get them and how much you can expect to pay.

Advertising is about spending money right now and hoping to get more of it back sometime down the future. There are tons of ways you can go about marketing your company and its products or services. Some methods will cost more than others. Some strategies will be more effect than others. The challenge of marketing and advertising is finding out which method will get the word out about your product or service that will cost you the least possible amount of money but will also give you the most amount of profit in terms of ratio. One method of promotion that has been used over the decades that seem to work quite well without breaking your marketing budget is giving away low cost products.

You can just pick any type of product though. You must pick on that help put your company in front of your customer's face constantly. This means you must pick products that they will use. One of these products is promotional calendars. Since people will constantly look to see what day it is as well as write down notes on the calendar, they will see your company logo and name each time. You can get these custom made calendars online where you will be able to compare prices as well as see tons of different design ideas. You can pick calendars with pre-made photos where they will just print your logo on there or you can get custom photos. Obviously, the custom ones will cost more. The most you buy, the less each one will cost. If you buy in the thousands, you can find even the custom photo ones for under $3 each.

Now there are some things you should avoid when it comes to getting these promotional calendars. One of these things is getting one that is too small. Sure, it's a lot cheaper, but the whole point is for your customer to use them and write on them. You will ideally want one that is big enough so that people can actually do more with them then merely look to see what day it is. Another thing you should avoid is making your logo way too small. You want your customer to notice your logo so avoid hiding it from them. The pictures you use should be something that they will be proud to put up on their wall. Anything that has to do with nature or related to their industry should be good.

When it comes to marketing and advertising, much of it comes down to testing. If handing out promotional calendars work in keeping your company on the minds of your customers or potential customers? This is something you will have to test and see for yourself. For the most part, compared to many other promotional items that people give away, calendars will tend to do a pretty decent job especially if you give them one that will make them want to actually use it. Either way, the power of reciprocal favors will help you out. When you give someone something, they will more than likely be inclined to do something back in return such as call you when they are ready to do business.