Choosing the right things to giveaway can have a big impact on your company image. However, there’s no need to get overwhelmed. Here are four DOs and four DON’Ts for picking the best possible promotional items.


  • DON’T #1: Choose something that will be squirreled away.

The first rule of thumb when selecting marketing products is to never pick something that will be tossed in a drawer or behind a door, never to be seen again. Choose useful stuff.


  • DO #1: Pick the tried and true.

There is a reason why companies tend to give out the same sorts of things time and time again for promotions: because they typically work! Highest click per impression (CPI) items include bags, personalized writing instruments and calendars.


  • DON’T #2: Select shoddy pieces.

You don’t want to give away something that is only made to last a few weeks. Think about it: Quality shows that you care about your clients. Also, when something is built to last, it will have a longer time to expose your company/product to potential buyers.


  • DO #2: Get attractive products.

You want to select pieces that catch the eye and look nice. High profile colors with contrasting text can be a good choice.


  • DON’T #3: Make it personal.

Giveaway objects shouldn’t make people feel uncomfortable or be too specific; they should be something that most people can use and relate to. Custom printed lanyards are a good choice because many people have keys, either to their home, cars, apartments or other possessions. This means that they are universally useful.


  • DO #3: Pick versatile objects.

Something that can be used at any time of year, regardless of the season, month or weather is the best choice. If you pick something that is only convenient in the summer, for instance, you have another 6-9 months that your piece could be advertising for you—but isn’t.


  • DON’T #4: Give away quickly consumed stuff.

This may be something that many businesses don’t think about, but it can often be better to pick something permanent rather than something that can be “used up.” For instance, personal care products like soaps and lotions may be appropriate for you, but they will be gone in a matter of months. On the other hand, cups or mugs can be used for a lifetime, and they will do your marketing for years.


  • DO #4: Draw attention to important details.

It can be smart to not only choose attention-grabbing colors (that still reflect your chosen image), but also to otherwise highlight important info on your promo product. Make the contact information or website bold in order to direct customers to find out more.