Using promotional umbrellas is a great way to help promote your company as well as keep your company's name and image in your customers' minds. When it comes to giving away free products to help advertise your company, there are certain things you want to do and certain things you want to avoid. This article will be about the benefits of using umbrellas as a promotional product, where you can get them and for how much, and some other products that you can use and some that you should avoid.

Depending on the time of year, using an umbrella as a promotional tool may or may not work. It will really depend on a couple of things. The first whether or not the umbrella you choose to give away will be good enough for your potential clients or customers to want to use. The second thing will be the way your logo or company name is displayed on the umbrella. If it's too small, it may not be very noticeable to people walking by. If it's too big, it can make it look cheesy which will prevent the customer from wanting to use it. During the rainy season where most people use umbrellas, it can be a great time to be giving them away as promo items. This can work during the summer as well for people who use it to shield themselves from the sun.

You can get these promotional umbrellas online. The pricing will depend on the size and quality of the umbrella as well as how many you buy. The more you get, the cheaper they will be per unit. Typically, you can look to spend anywhere between $8 and $15 if you are buying more than 100 of these. It will cost more if you buy less. You can also get promotional golf umbrellas which are really great for people to use on the golf course. Anything that is associated with golf is normally seen as high class. Depending on your budget and how you have set up the process of your customers receiving an umbrella, you will want to pick a size and design that somewhat stands out. Although umbrellas are more expensive than many other promotional items, for situations where someone has to sign up for some sort of service, it can be a great way to entice people to join.

Let's now talk about some of the things you will generally want to avoid when it comes to promotional items. Keep in mind that this will really depend on your company and product. For example, cheap toys that people end up throwing away may not be the best choice but if you have a toy business, then it may make sense. Another item that probably won't work too well is pencils. Unless you get some that are really unique, they will probably just be shoved into a desk or drawer with all of the other pencils. You generally want to stay away from items that people can easily lose due to not actually using them. An umbrella is a lot harder to lose than an eraser.

Items like promotional umbrellas can do wonders in helping get your name out as well as enticing people to sign up for services you have to offer. The important thing to remember is that people love free stuff and if you can give them something they will actually use often, then the money you spend to buy them can really give you a great return on investment. After all, the whole point of spending money to give away promotional products is to make more money. As long as what you are giving away does this, then it's a good investment.