Easily Propagate Lucky Bamboo

Propagating Lucky Bamboo is a fun way to grow wonderful free plants from cuttings.  Lucky bamboo, also known by its scientific name, dracaena sanderiana, is a wonderful houseplant.  This easy to care for houseplant brings life into the home with a touch of green and fung shui.  Your new lucky bamboo plants will look great in your house or for use as a gift! Lets get started.

Supplies Needed

Lucky bamboo stalk with atleast one growth, scissors, distilled or bottled water, pot, potting soil, wax.

Propagating Lucky Bamboo(59718)

Step One

Locate the shoot you wish to use as your new plant on the lucky bamboo stalk. Using your scissors or razor, cut off the chute parallel to the stalk.  Try to keep this cut as clean as possible.

Step Two

Remove the lower leaves that have grown on shoot if they have not fallen off already.

Step Three

Place your lucky bamboo cutting in distilled or bottled water and keep it in a dark place. The water level should cover at least one or two nodes where the leaves previously were on the cutting.

Step Four

Your original Lucky Bamboo stalk is still able to grow new chutes. Cut the stalk one-third of an inch above one of the nodes.

Step Five (optional)

Dip the wound from your last cut into melted candle wax to protect it from infection.

Step Six

Many lucky bamboo owners choose to use water as their growing medium even though dracaena sanderiana naturally grows in soil.  Once you notice your cutting has formed multiple white roots it is time for it to be potted.  Place your cutting approximately one to two inches beneath the surface of the soil with the roots facing downward.

Step Seven

The lucky bamboo will need to adjust after its move from water to soil. To help the first few weeks make sure to keep the potting soil very moist.

Step Eight

Enjoy your new lucky bamboo.

This can be done multiple times using the same original stalk to make tons of new lucky bamboo which make great gifts!