Heaters that are fueled by propane are safe and clean burning. In general, you must have suitable ventilation. It does help to have a fan that moves the air around. You must also have a chimney or similar outlet for the fuel that is burned. However, there are certain models of propane heaters that do not require an outlet. The big attraction of propane heaters is the cost. The consumer has a wide choice of prices from approximately $30 to $950. After you have bought your heater it is cheap to run.

Propane wall heaters are a popular option for those who require heating outside. This kind of heater is a convenient way to have heating on a patio or a secluded section of a yard where you sit. As long as there is a wall you can mount your propane heater. It makes no difference how far away from wall sockets you are because no electricity is needed to operate your heater. Mounting your heater onto a wall means it leaves the floor space clear and is out of reach of children and animals.

It is important that you select a heater that is the right size in comparison to the size of the area to be heated. Another place that benefits from propane wall heaters is the bathroom. Even though this heater does not make use of electricity it is safer to mount it on a wall and out of your way as you move into and out of a shower cubicle or tub. Because the bathroom is a confined space it would be necessary to choose a wall heater that is vented. If it is vented there won't be a build up of burned fuel in the air. A wall mounted heater also means there is less risk of a fire.

There are many manufacturers and suppliers of this type of heater. Some of the better known brands available are Benzomatic, Duraheat, Master Heater, Mr Heat, Ready Heater and Uniflame. Recently, the demand for propane heaters is on the rise because everybody is trying to save money wherever possible. If you want to find bargains then take a look at online suppliers. This is the quickest way to compare prices and see what is being offered.

Before you place your order you must think about why you are purchasing a propane wall heater. You must take into consideration the size of the area you want heated. Is the area inside or outside? Do you need to have an outlet fitted? Do you want your propane wall heater permanently fixed to a wall? You may want to be able to put it up and take it down as it suits you. One of the great advantages of propane heaters is they are versatile when it comes to moving around. This also applies to wall heaters. This category of propane heaters is available in a variety of sizes and weights and this does affect on how easy they are to put up and take down.