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Weight loss has been at the forefront of health care in North America for the past 10 years. We have one failed diet after another. One month, our dietician will say via their reasearch findings that high protein diets are the way to go. The following study says the opposite. Many, with the idea that they can better their stance, will even point to Dr. Atkins, the founder of the high protein diet. These researchers will go as far as saying Dr. Atkins died young due to a high protein diet.

So let's do this. Let's approach the obvious failed system of diets and gear our approach to how to burn a calorie more efficiently.

First we must start with a simple understanding of what a calorie is. The human calorie is simply a unit we use as a measurement of energy used or absorbed by a certain food. So why are high calorie diets bad if you're trying to lose weight? Well, if you do not burn off that calorie you will store it. Generally stored as body fat.

Ok simple enough.... right??? No, wrong. People in general have absolutely no clue that fat is energy. In fact, it is the bodies highest source of energy. The unit of measurement is called kilo calorie per Mole. One would think sugar, even complex carbohydrates, are the best source of human energy. They would be wrong. In fact, it is not even close. Fats are significantly higher in kilo calories per Mole then sugars.

So now lets take the diets, which almost always fail, and gear this information into teaching the non health care professional how to effectively use their time in a gym or at home while exercising.

When a person attempting to lose weight decides to exercise they immediately think in order to lose weight they're going to have to get on a treadmill or exercise bike or maybe an elliptical machine.

Yes all of these machines will burn calories, and yes, efficiently. The problem is the order in which a person uses these machines.

Ok read this and read it with maximum focus because this principle is the key to exercise and weight loss. You can not burn fats off of your body until you have burned off all your sugars. That takes a minimum of 30 minutes and more likely 45.

So how do we solve this dilema? Easy! Next time when you decide to go to the gym for weight loss. Do not start on the cardio machines. Start with 30 minutes of resistance exercises. In those 30 minutes you will strengthen your muscles, support your joints and best of all, burn off your sugars.

Now it is time to lose fat. Now is the time to get on the cardio equipment.

It is not the amount of exercise that's most important. It is the order in which you exercise.

This one very simple change in your routine which no one seems to know about will make your goal of weight loss significantly more obtainable.

A few other fast tips. Never stretch a cold muscle. Which means warm up before you stretch and never start your workout with stretching.

In closing. This one very simple change will have numerous benefits. First and foremost you will lose weight by burning fats not sugars. Second you will see results that keep you motivated to continue with your program.

If you're kicking yourself now saying you wish you had been told this sooner. Well this is the problem with the field of weight loss and diets. Besides the research changing like the way the wind decides to change, most gyms higher personal trainers that simply do not have any clinical experience and get a certificate in less then 6 months. They have no idea what a kilo calorie is or a Mole of fat. Worst of all very few know fat is the body's best source of energy but you need to get to it in order to use it.

As I do with all my articles i ask that if you have any questions just inbox me. My goals are simple. Information made easy.

Good luck on your road to a healthier life.