The popularity of spandex material in the garment industry is brought about by its unique characteristics - elasticity and the ability to retain its original shape even if it has been stretched 600% than its original size. It can fit any size without tearing it! It is also lightweight, smooth and soft, which can give comfort to the wearer.

These are the major reasons why spandex is highly used in the fashion industry especially in producing exercise apparels and fitness clothing. Spandex shorts, for one, has been widely used in the sports arena. It is worn in various sports events such as swimming, wrestling, aerobics, and running. It is also worn under sports apparel in sports such as basketball and soccer, to give support to the muscles.

Spandex is not an ordinary fabric that can be soaked, bleached and dried on any temperature. It requires proper washing care in order not to ruin its elasticity. Below is a simple guide on how to properly take care of exercise shorts and sports gear which are made of spandex material.

Things You Will Need

Since, this is a washing instruction, we will need the following:

- Any garments that is made from spandex. It could be your aerobics shorts, exercise shorts or any apparel that is made from spandex.

- Stain remover, if there are stains.

- We will be needing detergent. You may choose among: liquid detergent, powder detergent and detergent bar. I recommend using liquid detergent if you will use washing machine.

Step 1

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The first step isto read the washing instructions that is attached to the garment. Take note if the spandex garment is machine washable or needs to be hand washed. Sort clothes according to washing instructions.

You may also separate the colored garments from the white ones (to avoid bleeding, though spandex are known not to bleed).

Step 2

garment labelCheck the garments thoroughly if there are stains that needs to be pretreated. Stains should be pretreated before tossing into the washing machine, or hand-washed.

Basically, pretreatment of spandex stain is easy. It is done by soaking the stained garment t in lukewarm water and putting a small amount of detergent directly on the spot. Do not soak in hot water since hot water set stains into the fabric. Leave for an hour.

If you are fond of using anti-stain removers, better check first its effect on the spandex fabric. Apply a small amount of the anti-stain remover on an inconspicuous area of the garment. (You may test it at the hem, from inside out). Observe if bleeding will occur.

Step 3

Set the washing machine in delicate mode and fill the tub with warm water. Tumble the garments in the washing machine.

For hand washing, use warm water also. Do not use hot water in order not to damage the spandex fabric. Hand-wash.

Step 4

Rinse thoroughly to remove any trace of detergent.

Step 5

drip dryFor machine drier, set it to the lowest temperature setting.

For hand-wash, hang to dry .

All garments need proper care and washing guide. Not all fabrics are the same, just like spandex, it needs the right temperature settings and correct washing instructions in order to preserve its shape and color.

For spandex made garments such as spandex shorts, its elasticity should be maintained in order to preserve its form and innate characteristic that makes it unique.

Tips & Warnings

Do not use chlorine or bleach on spandex fabric.
Do not use hot water when washing spandex in order not to destroy its elasticity or set stains, if there's any.