Everyone knows how great leather furniture is for it's classy look and and soft feel. Because we put so much time and effort into selecting our leather furniture and also spending that hard-earned money for it, it's nice to be able to maintain it well. So here we are going to cover the best ways to go about properly cleaning your leather furniture and especially your favorite leather corner settee.

First thing you should do is check out any instruction booklet that may come with your settee. In the instructions you'll find out what are the right cleaners and clothes to use in the cleaning process. Because each piece of leather furniture can be made differently, it's important to follow the care instructions. We don't want to cause any leather degradation or cracking because of improper cleaning methods.

Next you'll want to use a soft cloth or rag to dust and wipe your leather down. There's no need to use any kind of cleaning spray at this point, just a simple wiping down will do. Now, you can prepare a solution of water with a tiny bit of mild dish washing soap. Use a different clean cloth and soak it in the solution. Then wring it out a bit to remove excess water, so the cloth is now nicely damp with the cleaning solution. As long as this is in line with the manufacturer's instructions of course. Now rub a small area on your settee or corner settee on a hidden area like on the underside of it, or on the back of the leg.

It's a good area to try the cleaning cloth just in case it doesn't agree with your leather. Now if your solution meshes well with your settee, then go ahead and begin the full cleaning. Make sure to wipe all over the seating portion, legs and underside too. Once you've finished with the cleaning cloth, prepare a rinsing cloth with regular water. Wipe down the settee well with the rinsing cloth, covering all areas. We don't want to leave any soap on it for fear of cracking or peeling later on. Take a third cloth that is completely clean and dry, and wipe over your leather settee at least twice.

The final step is moisturizing. Yes like your face. It's possible the settee could have come with the moisturizer, so hopefully you have the bottle of the solution. If not you'll have to find one that is appropriate for your furniture. The same process will apply as above - you want to try it on a small spot, then dip a clean cloth in the solution and wipe everywhere. Finally, take a clean and dry cloth for a finishing wipe. Your leather corner settee should now be completely clean.