Dentures provide their wearers with increased self confidence. They allow denture wearers to physically look and feel better. Denture wearers will feel less self-conscious when they eat and when they talk. When you purchase dentures you are making an investment. You want to protect this important and expensive investment to the best of your ability. One of the best ways to maximize and to protect your investment is to follow proper denture care instructions and to use the correct denture cleaning paste.

Proper Denture Care Instructions

At first caring for your dentures may seem a bit confusing and overwhelming. However, as with anything else in life, the more you practice, the better you will get and the more routine it will seem. At night, or whenever you are not wearing your dentures, protect them by placing them in plain water, or in a denture cleansing solution. If dentures are allowed to dry out they can change shape and this will require you to purchase new ones.

After eating with your dentures, always remember to rinse with plain water or with mouthwash. This is a personal preference, but using mouthwash can help prevent bad breath, as well as leave your mouth feeling fresher. At the end of the day, remove your dentures carefully. If you are over a sink, you will want to fill the sink with water. If you are over a counter, you will want to place a clean dry towel on the counter. These actions will hopefully prevent your dentures from breaking if they are accidentally dropped, which does unfortunately happen often. After removal, brush all surfaces of your dentures. Use an approved denture cleaning paste for brushing. Using a regular toothpaste or another cleaner can be too abrasive and can ruin your delicate dentures. You will want to brush with either a specialty denture brush or a regular soft bristled toothbrush. Once brushing is complete, rinse your dentures thoroughly before placing them in their overnight soaking container.

At this point you will want to pay attention to your mouth. Even if you do not have any natural teeth, it is still important to provide dental care and cleaning to the mouth. Use a soft bristle brush and mild toothpaste to brush all surfaces of your mouth, such as gums, any remaining natural teeth, and tongue. This will not only clean the mouth and reduce bad breath, but it also increases circulation in the mouth for better overall oral health.

Maintaining a Good Fit

As your prosthodontist should discuss with you, your mouth anatomy may continuously change once natural teeth have been removed. This makes regular visits to your prosthodontist important. Due to these anatomy changes, from time to time your dentures may need to be refitted or even replaced. Making sure you maintain a good fit with your dentures will increase their ability to function and will also increase your comfort.

Following denture care instructions and using the correct denture products, such as denture cleaning paste, are vital steps to prolonging the life of your dentures and keeping your mouth comfortable. When you care for your dentures as directed, you protect the investment you have made. For the newest research and updates in denture care, check with your prosthodontist.