Proper Form for Ab Crunches

There are so many different exercises, gadgets, pills, diets, programs and formulas out there all promising to give you the ever elusive 6 pack. There is so much information out there and so many different approaches to abs that many people are paralyzed by confusion, they are overly informed with so many routines and approaches that they never get started.

When I don't know how to do something, my philosophy is to find someone who is successful at it and copy them. After reading many books and articles on what bodybuilders do to work their abdominals it boils down to a few different approaches and exercises. Surprisingly one of the common threads to most of what the pros do is the simple abdominal crunch. I know, it is probably the last thing that you want to hear and that you were secretly hoping for a magic pill, but if it works, then who are we to argue. If we spent the same amount of energy actually doing the hard work that we did looking for miracle cures then a lot more people would have 6 packs.

Common misconceptions and mistakes

A common misconception about crunches is that you have to do hundreds of reps a day to get abs. There is a simple truth applies here, and that is "quality over quantity". If you are doing crunches properly you won't even be able to do all of those extra reps. Another false idea that many people have is that you have to do crunches everyday to get results. Abs are just like any other muscle in that they need to rest after they have been exerted. So by working them to exhaustion everyday a person is not giving the muscle any time to recover and therefore never getting the desired results. So without further delay let's look at the proper form for crunches.

1 Lay down on a mat or a comfortable place on the floor with your knees up and you feet flat on the floor

2 Bring your hands up and touch your temples or touch the back of your head

3 Press your lower back into the floor with a good amount of resistance like you are trying to push through the floor

4 Slowly bring your shoulders off of the floor while keeping your head up and your eyes on the ceiling, while you "crunch" your abdominals together.

5 Flex your abdominal muscles for a count of one

6 Then slowly lower your shoulders back down until they are touching the floor, don't let your head touch the floor but keep some tension at the bottom of the rep before you start your next rep.


There are a million different bodybuilding routines out there but however you work your abs into it. Always rest at least one day before your work the muscles again.

Nutrition and Cardio

This probably seems obvious but I will reiterate it anyway. All the crunches in the world will not give you a 6 pack if you are not eating properly. You will have abdominals but never be able to see them if you don't burn the fat through proper nutrition and cardiovascular exercise. Hope this helps and good luck!