Every website owner has major SEO issues that he has to deal with. However, there are simple ways to solve such issues whenever they occur on any given page of your site. The following information details the likely problems as well as the solutions that can solve them. For every page you optimize on your site, there are things you have to do.

For you to be able to see the code, you have to open your page in an HTML viewer or simply use a text editor such as Notepad. The following are the simple things you have to do along the way starting from top to bottom of the page:


Put your keyword phrases once in every paragraph to show relevance to the search engine. All the keywords should be 3-5% of the whole viewable content of the page.

Meta Description:

Limit this to a few lines restricting your words to those that will effectively sell your product by putting your keywords at the start of the description.

Meta Keywords:

Don't just guess, use Google's free Keyword tool to look up the keywords and use keyword phrases that are searched a lot keeping it under 200 characters keeping the keywords at the beginning of the meta tags.

Title Tags:

In less than 70 characters, put the keywords or keyword phrases you are optimizing in the title tag at the beginning of the title. Unless your company name contains the keywords you want to optimize, you don't have to use it.

Alt Tags:

If your page has images, ensure you put the keywords in the "alt" attribute at all times otherwise the search engine won't be able to see and read the pictures. However, it is mandatory to insert your keywords in at least one or two of the alt attributes but not more than two alt tags.

Heading Tags

For search engines to easily find it, put the heading as high on the page as you can in the page's code after getting your keyword phrase in front of it.


For the whole page to have relevance to the search phrase, put a keyword phrase or two at the end of the page as the last words on the webpage.


For every set of keywords, bold the keyword by enclosing it with the proper code to show it's significance to the search engine