It is not a secret that the heart of any home is the kitchen and is probably the most active space in your home, the most used space, and definitely a room in your house that gets a lot of use. Your kitchen should be designed to near perfection, especially when it comes to entertainment. After all, when you're hosting guests (for a night or a week) this is where people are being drawn to again and again. But the stress of a kitchen or awkwardly shaped space in overcrowded can quickly take the joy of sharing your home with your loved ones. Here we share our tips for intelligent design to create a crowd loving kitchen that also has a cooking area that is easy to use. A cluttered kitchen design is the worst design aspects of many modern homes.

Kitchen ClutterCredit: welcoming family and friends, the last thing you want to do is make a mess even bigger when it's time to tackle more. To keep your counters from becoming a catch-all for the after party dishes and glassware you should consider incorporating a farm sink or a pan in your kitchen design. Unlike a traditional kitchen sink double-sided hollow wells are generally much larger and deeper, making them large enough to hold large dishes, cookware, and dishes and all at once, so you can keep the mess contained in one general area until you are ready to get your hands dirty.


One of the biggest frustrations people encounter when hosting friends and family is a poor layout of the kitchen. When designing your cooking surface, make sure it has a natural flow. Simple things such as having the refrigerator located within arm reach away from the stove. In case you miss an ingredient halfway through your recipe, with a large counter space provides room to spread without feeling confined when cooking for a crowd. And the breakfast area (complete with a wraparound bench) is not in the path of your cooking space, ensuring a congestion-free night. The kitchen should allow people to cook, clean, and congregate without crowding each other out. Most kitchen designs on older homes fail, but you can still do upgrades and kitchen modifications to help smooth the traffic flow in the kitchen.

Bench seating at a table is great for children and then at the larger table for adults you can have traditional seating if you choose; however bench seating also works great for adults who like to entertain people. Bench seating is easier to handle, will fit more people, and will allow people to feel more welcome. If you will be spending long periods of time sitting down at the table playing games or something then you may want to stick to traditional chairs simply for the comfort of having a back on the seats. Bench seating is often the best choice for group seating. Firstly, benches are generally more comfortable for many traditional table setting styles. (The upholstered seating allows for dinners to last for hours without becoming uncomfortable visitors). The wrap-around style creates an intimate atmosphere that encourages conversation and layout style bench increases the number of people you can sit at your table.


Each client has a tendency to have a drink in hand soon after walking through the door. But a steady stream of people running back through the kitchen to get glasses, ice, drinks, or beer can quickly become a frustrating traffic jam. Instead, create a small wet bar away from your primary cooking space. Store with ice, sink and mini-bar glassware and let the customers as their own bartender. If you are trying to prepare food and the bar area is right by you then you will struggle as people come to get a new drink and they constantly get in your way.

One of the worst things a host can do is to feel disconnected from their guests. You do not want to be located into the kitchen with the party and all of your guests in a separate room. The solution is to have a kitchen with a wide opening towards the kitchen or other room where the crowd is gathering. Not only does it allow you to cook away and not miss a minute of the activity, but it also gives the company a comfortable place to relax and unwind without getting in your way.

A double island is an instant solution for many problems that entertaining home chefs have. This will immediately remove the circulation around the cooking area. In addition, it gives you a place to prepare on the counter and guests are separated by appetizers. It can also double as the seating stool, giving everyone a place to relax during a visit with the cooks.

Poor kitchen design is the downfall of many people who like to entertain in their home. If you like to entertain then you will instantly be able to recognize some of the attributes of a good kitchen design. A good kitchen that is designed for entertaining will make the home parties and events much more enjoyable to the host as well as the guests.

A proper kitchen design will also naturally encourage your guests to help with preparation and clean-up at the end of the night. Anytime you can get your guests to voluntarily and happily help you clean up at the end of the night it is a great thing.

You may be stuck in an older home with a petite kitchen area that is not suitable for entertaining. This is no reason not to have guests over; you will just have to learn how to adapt. Although this type of environment is not optimal for hosting parties you can still make variation such as moving a cooler filled with ice to the living room area to help keep traffic way from your food preparation area. You can also take portable burner to the entertaining area or even arrange to cook outside on a gas grill.