Before picking the rifle up, ensure the safety is on.

Keeping the gun pointed in a safe direction and your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.

Once you are ready to fire check the chamber to make sure a round is chambered. Until you do this, you assume the gun is ready to fire and UNSAFE.

Grip the forearm (part below the barrel) of the rifle with your non-dominant hand (left for righthand people). Make sure that arm's elbow is slightly bent. The arm should not be extended to length.

Keeping your finger off the trigger grasp the grip with your dominant hand.

Using both hands, pull the rifle but (fat end opposite barrel) into your shoulder firmly. If it is not pressed firmly the recoil will cause the rifle to "punch" your shoulder.

Ensuring that there is a safe backstop-a dirt hill, concrete barrier, etc. Point the gun roughly at the target. Remove the safety.

Take a few deep breaths.

Line up the sights. If you are using a scope you will look through the tube. You don't want to see any black areas around the crosshairs. Keep your air as far away as possible while maintaining a full field of view through the scope. If your eye is too close the scope can give you a nasty cut. If you are using open sights Put the front blade directly between the two rear blades and level as well. Place the lined up sights just below the target.

Once you are targetted, release your breath (or take another, resight and release!).

As you release your breath, squeeze the trigger slowly but firmly.

The gun should go off when you don't really expect it to. Don't snap the trigger or flinch.

Keep firing until you are done. When done place the gun on safety, empty the chamber and keep it open. Keep it still pointed in a safe direction.


Shooting a gun is a rewarding but dangerous activity. Always treat the gun as if it is loaded. Keep the barrel pointed in a safe direction. Always be sure of your backstop. You should never take a gun out alone the first time. You are responsible for securing a mentor and/or proper training prior to.