Boil instant noodles is easy

Proper way to boil instant noodles?  This sounds preposterous!  Who doesn’t know how to boil instant noodles? The question is; do you actually know the proper way to boil instant noodles?  In fact there are always instructions printed on the packet.   I have with me a packet of instant noodles.  Let me type out the straight forward 4-step instructions here, which is actually in 3 simple steps. 

Step 1. Boil noodles into 400 cc of water.

Step 2. Simmer for 3 minutes.

Step 3. Pour the seasoning powder into the boiled noodles.

Step 4. Ready to serve.

A bowl of delicious instant noodles

A beginner's mistake

Some may even make the beginner’s mistake by putting the noodles in the cold water, and then start to boil the water with the noodles.  This is the wrong step.  You must boil the water first, without the noodles.  Only when the water starts to boil, the noodles are the put into the pot of boiling water.  Well, I hope no reader here made this mistake of boiling the cold water with the noodles.  The purpose of this article is not to point out this little oversight.  There is yet another important information that you may want to take note.  Please read on.

Pour away the boiled water first

It is believed that some instant noodles have a layer of wax on them.  So, if you consume the boiled water with the noodles, you are actually swallowing the melted wax as well.  To avoid this, you need to pour away the boiled water.  Then give the noodles a good rinse with clean water.  Transfer the noodles into a bowl.  Then you boil another equal amount of water in the pot again.  When the water starts to boil, put the noodle into the boiling water.  Then add in the seasoning powder and whatever condiments you wish to add, like egg and leafy vegetables.

Another point to note is that should you want to add firmer vegetables like carrots and caulifower, you should cook them first before putting in the noodles and leafy vegetables.  This is to ensure that all the ingredients are properly cooked.  Now it is ready to serve, without the melted wax!

Don’t fall prey to really “instant” boiled noodles.  It pays to take precaution.  After all it doesn’t take much time to drain the boiled water away, and to boil a fresh pot of water.  All it takes is another 5 minutes.  Hope you can now really enjoy your instant noodles, with the proper way of boiling the instant noodles.