One of the biggest problems facing email marketing is to keep your mail out of the Junk folder. Internet service providers (ISPs) and anti-spam software that is installed on users' computers are often automatically assigned incoming junk e-mail or spam folders. Unfortunately, this happens without you knowing about it resulting in your message never being read. There are some precautions you can take to reduce the likelihood of your message being marked thus increasing the chances of your message being read.

Use of Words

There are certain words that trigger spam filters to flag your message as spam. A good practice is to check your e-mail or letter information package by a program like Spam Assassin. Such a program will identify spam words which may increase the odds of spam message and some will even eliminate or cloak the words. This action will ensure that your mail will pass through the filters.

Email Title

An important measure to reduce the likelihood of your message is identified as spam is to use an appropriate title. It is good practice to identify your message to your subscribers by placing your name or publication in the subject line. Some use parentheses to enclose the name of the email title that you send. This identification is used reduce spam; however it can also stop other non-spam emails such as if you were emailing a friend about your new Viagra prescription. Viagra is something that is commonly used in spam emails so it may trigger a red flag. To ensure that your message is read, it is good to use an interesting subject that readers will be happy click on and read.

Short and honest

Try to reduce the hype your advertising messages by including only relevant information. Do not try extending your message by adding unnecessary sales copy or the language of advertising. Often, the more concise your message the less chance that he understands the words and triggers most readers also receive targeted messages.


Request a white list


A white list of your subscribers so that your messages reach their inbox. In the welcome letter from your answering machine, ask your subscribers to white list your publication. Some even place a white list reminder on their thank you pages after opts subscribers to your list. You can even spend a few minutes to set up test accounts with popular email clients like free Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. to see if your newsletter is sent to the Junk folder.


Use list reputable e-mail marketing services



Most of the most important steps you can take to increase the reading percentage of your posts by utilizing a highly respected list management service where people opt-in to your list such as AWeber. Services those are difficult to recognized spam by ISPs and deliverability rates allowing significantly higher. Most of these services require (or strongly recommended) USE OF THE double opt-in list building. Make sure you review your deliverability and bounce reports to understand your deliverability rates.


Send a web link to your newsletter


Another method often used to minimize the effects of spam filters is to minimize the number of words that are in your e-mail or newsletter. By minimizing the number of words, you reduce the risk of your sent email being caught by a spam filter. Many publishers enjoy a paragraph of introduction to their newsletter or information package blog post and provide a web link where the reader can find the rest of the message.


Quality is the key


Make sure only send quality and informative emails to  keep the rate email openings higher. Your top is getting the end user to be opening the emails  and prevent subscribers to block your e-mail or report your messages as spam. Report the following may cause Spam ISP shut your site.

Follow these steps and you will be able to get a much higher percentage of your e-mails to reach recipients. Higher delivery rate associated with a sufficient open make your marketing campaigns more effective e-mail.

One of the best ways to email market is to use AWeber and create your own list where people opt in to the campaign. Email marketers can have a lot of success if done properly. If your only interest is to spam then you will not be successful. The proper way to email market is to build up a list of people who have opted in to your email list voluntarily and look forward to receiving your email messages.

Do not message numerous times a day. If you do you will anger your recipients and they will unsubscribe. Send 1-2 emails a week and ensure that they are very helpful emails and not outright sales promotions. If you build trust among the recipients of your email then they will be more apt to read your emails faithfully and to use the services that you recommend.

A good list that you build up will be able to reap you much more financially then will article marketing; however you can and still should use articles to help funnel people towards your opt-in message, It is also important that you keep in mind that a targeted list will be worth much more than a general list. If all of your email subscribers are interested in a particular topic or niche such as making money online, then you will have a much higher conversion rate on products you push to them. If your list is not very targeted then you may get very frustrated at the low amount of sales you get.

If your email list is not targeted then you can consider selling solo ads in your emails. A solo ad may not bring in as much as affiliate marketing but it will help you to at least may some money as you build an alternate list.

If you want to become a successful internet marketer and make a lot of money then it is vital that you sign up for AWeber and begin learning how to build a targeted list of email subscribers.