Everyone brush their teeth once or twice a day. Everytime they brush, they feel that the technique which they are implementing is right and the most effective one for cleaning the gums and having a healthy dental brushing. But whatever you feel, without the right technique, brushing even five times a day won’t help the cause, resulting in depleted gums, brown teeth and overall foul smell from the mouth. It is because of the wrong techniques, over 80% of the world population complaint about dental disorders once in their lifetime.

The right technique to have a proper brushing just takes two minutes. Yes, you heard it right. Just two minutes and your teeth and gums will be healthy and fresh the whole day. For better results, try a stopwatch, and calculate the time it needs to brush your teeth. It is very important to pay attention to the gumline, else it will deplete by the years. Try short gentle strokes, reaching hard to reach areas like back teeth, areas around fillings or crowns and other restorations done in the past.  Dentists advise to use soft bristled brush, best effective for removing plagues and debris in the teeth.

To properly start brushing, follow the steps given below.

At a 45 degree inclined angle, place the soft bristles along the gumline. The bristles should be in contact with the teeth as well as the gumline. And then sweep the brush gently away from the gumline towards the tip of the teeth. This is mainly for the outer surface of the teeth.

Do the rolling motion along the gumline and towards the tip of the teeth, inclined at 45 degree angle for the inner teeth lining as well. Roll the brush back and forth, and continue this procedure to the neighboring teeth.

For the front upper and lower teeth, tilt the brush vertically and make upper and lower gentle strokes with the front half of the bristles. Maintain this motion for the 2-3 neighboring teeth as well.

Against the biting surface of the teeth, just put the bristles in horizontal position on the upper surface of the teeth, and make a gentle back and forth scrubbing motion. Do it several times to reachthe hidden parts of the teeth.

Gently brush the tongue to prevent foul smell from the tongue and remove any food particles stuck to it. As this procedure at the end of brushing helps in preventing bacteria causing foul smell.

Besides the techniques, proper toothpaste is also important for brushing. Doctors advise of proper foam producing paste as it helps in cleaning the 360 degree area of the mouth. There are pastes for variety of ailments like tooth sensitivity, cavities, tartar and stained teeth. Consult your dentist for the right type of toothpaste for you. Also toothbrush should be replaced every three months, as it starts showing signs of wear and tear. And it is a healthy habit of visiting the dentist every six months as it prevents other gum and health problems as well.