Great advice for first time home buyers.

The best property buyers guides on the market.

For most people, the old adage is true, purchasing a property is the most money they will spend in their whole lives, so thorough research from trusted sources is essential. This is an overview of a few of the best publications available to prospective owners.


Nolo's Guide To Buying Your First Home is an authoritative guide to houses, home owners and the housing market. From why you should purchase in the firsNolo's Guide To Buying Your First HomeCredit: Amazont place, what to look for in a property and how to go about buying it, it covers every angle. For many first timers, the vast array of factors to be considered can be daunting, having each one laid out and analyzed in detail breaks down the process into a digestible series of tasks. Nolo are a trusted brand in the world of property and business ownership and this manually reflects their expertise.


Tip's And Traps When Buying A Home by Robert Irwin is another popular guide to the ins aTip's And Traps When Buying A HomeCredit: Amazonnd outs of purchasing a home. It takes a more technical approach and can be recommended to anyone who wishes to become a savvy business person where property is concerned. Irwin takes you through what to look for in terms of the prevailing winds of the housing market, assessing your own personal finances and negotiating small print in a mortgage agreement. His plain, informative style appeals to the layperson and at close to 300 pages it is certainly packed with information.

 Buying A Home On A Budget For DummiesCredit: AmazonMy final selection is Buying A Home On A Budget For Dummies. You'll all be familiar with the series I'm sure, and this book maintains its dependable reputation. Its catch-all approach might appeal to someone looking for a little of both the titles above. It offers an informative approach to preparing your own finances and finding the right property and then walks you through how to negotiate the sales market and seal the deal. All together a thorough and easy to read title.

                     These are just three of the titles available, but they are certainly three of the best. People sometimes fool themselves into believing that buying property is something they should have an innate understanding of, somehow magically passed down at birth. This can often lead to the heart ruling the head and poor decision making, we see our dream house and become blind to all the other things to take into account such as financial and property market conditions. This is certainly one time in our lives where we can't afford to let that happen. You'd be surprised how valuable a property buyers guide can be for first time buyers.