Owning rental property is one way that an investment in real estate can bring you a lifetime of residual income. This income, however, will not be passive.

It takes time and effort, along with continual upkeep, of the properties themselves. Neglect will lead to disrepair and losing income from rents having to be lowered because of inferior conditions.

Tenants are a good source of income, when they are the right tenants for the property. This is one of the most important areas of renting out real estate.

A lot of people will try to fill their open units as fast as possible. Overlooking a tenant's application and checking any references thoroughly, is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE CAN DO.

Neglecting to properly screen your perspective renter, can make the whole ordeal something you'll wish never happened and can quickly lead to financial disaster

Property Rental

This area of real estate is a thriving money maker for a lot of people. Investments like this can be very profitable, if the properties are run as a business.

Running a rental property business, without proper book keeping, or an organized approach to running things, will never be profitable. Make sure the books are taken care; this way any future financial questions are easily answered.

When a person starts out looking at this as a business venture there are many hidden issues that should be learned before making the leap. Things like property insurance, water bills, landscaping and maintenance costs for common areas, which the owner will be responsible for, are all common items that some will overlook.

There are many other hidden costs as well that without consideration can make the investment a bad move. Make sure to know the complete monthly cost of owning the real estate.

Leaving things out can create a negative cash flow. This is known in the industry as an alligator andAlligator we all know how much alligators will eat.

All this being said, renting out real estate for income can be a great way to make a living. With the right property, in the right area, rented to the right tenants, anyone can earn steady, secure, passive income in this area.

When the right property for us is found the price must be negotiated according to the income potential. Too many people will allow their emotions to get involved and make a purchase because they like the house, or the neighborhood.

Income to expenditure should be the only factor that excites us when we're property shopping for this type of investment.

After the closing, the property should be brought up to its full potential, with any updates or repairs needed. Making the best possible product you can, with what you have is the goal. This will bring in the highest rents the property will support.

Another thing to consider is what you give a tenant, which will directly effect how they take care of it. A badly maintained property will give the tenant the idea that you don't care about it, so why should they?

A well maintained rental however, will have the opposite effect. Renters will see how much the care of the property means to the owner, as well as enjoying a better place to live. They will gain respect and take care of the place a lot better.

So, if there is a positive income possibility, with any rental property and good tenants can be found. If the location shows potential for price increases in the market and if all the expenses can be covered by rents, then this is most likely a good investment.

If any of this criteria can't be met, then this is not a good property rental investment and as a perspective buyer, we should move on to something, that can show a more positive cashflow.

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