So, congress is proposing fines, from $1500-$3800, for families failing to purchase health insurance. How could our government officials even start to propose an idea that is so preposterous? How can they think that universal health care under this proposal would work? What about cash strapped Americans? Are they suppose to go without some necessities, and have health insurance instead? Then there are those of us who are very healthy, who do not go to the doctor, what about them? Many people who are in such good health, don;t feel the need for health insurance. Under this proposal, they would be forced to purchase insurance, or be fined. Congress wants health insurance, like car insurance, mandatory. I understand having car insurance, you need it, because you very well could be a wreck, and most people can't afford the fee associated with auto damage. What about health insurance? Definitely not the same to me. Even the President has to be concerned with this proposal, Obama opposed a fine when he was a candidate. Now with congress pushing for fines, how will Obama react? Will he give in and decide that fines are the way to go? I hope that the President stands up for what he said he believed. There is one other question that I still have that keeps nagging at me. Are the proposed fines, for not having health insurance, just one way to try and pay back some of the debt that this administration has created? Anymore, a person hears about a proposed tax for this or that, taxes that would partially off set the debt that just seems to widen at every turn. Maybe instead of the constant free spending, the government could take their own advice, and learn to live within their means.