The Ninja Mega Kitchen System

After buying this product I decided to write a review of my findings on the pros and cons on this product to warn other buyers.

Over the years, we have tried so many combinations of mixers, blenders and juices. We decided to find that would do everything with the one product.

They say Australia is the lucky country and this is true, although not when buying products. It is annoying because we pay two or three times the amount that England and America pay for most items. This applies to a number of products like electrical, tools, motor parts, clothes and shoes.

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When doing my research I found you could buy the complete Ninja Mega system from $150 to $250 in other countries. In Australia, I had to pay $514.00 including the GST, which to me is a complete rip-off. I bought mine from an advert on television, and it arrived a week later. This deal included a set of Swiss knives.

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Ninja Mega Kitchen System includes these parts:

  • 2 single serve lids
  • 1 bowl lid with locking handle
  • 1 pitcher lid with locking handle
  • 1 x 4-blade assembly for bowl
  • 2 x single serve drink cups
  • 1 dough blade
  • 1 x 6 blade Assembly for pitcher
  • 1 x 1.89 litre bowl
  • 1 x 2.15 litre pitcher
  • 1 x gearshift1 x single serve blade
  • 1 x motor base1 x power cord


This one did not include the mini prep bowl.  It depends where you buy the set as to whether it is included.


When unpacking the Ninja, make sure you have all the parts as the cup lids hidden underneath in the packing.  Always keep the plastic coverings and packing in case you have to return it for any reason.  Check the warranty as our documentation said 12 months, although when buying over the phone they gave us a 5-year warranty.


Wash all the containers, cups and blade parts to remove any oil.  Be very careful of the metal blades as they are sharp.

These are great to make smoothies 

  • Easy to use and clean under running water. (if washed straight away)
  • The Ninja makes beautiful smooth drinks, well-blended fruits
  • Great for making bread dough or damper


Cons of the Ninja

  • I found it harder to get the cake or dough mixture out from edges of lid. I used a bottle brush to clean this and prevented cutting myself on the very sharp blades. Plus, the flour ends up stuck on the lid too.
  • Some suppliers do not include the mini prep bowl. I believe they should all supply the same parts.
  • The single serve cups would be better with a sealed lid, to store in fridge if not drank at one time.
  • If short on cupboard space, then think twice as this one requires more space
  • With this type of mixer, liquid needs adding before the solids,  therefore you have to change the way you mix and add ingredients when making cakes.

Things we made in first week

We mixed and cooked a damper in our Ninja Mega system by mixing the ingredients in the small pitcher.  I found the texture a lot better than when I mix it by hand.  Although the flour sure flies about in the pitcher and makes a mess.


To make the damper use your normal scone mix. Although you have to add the flour, butter and milk at same time.  If too thick add more water or if too thin add little more flour. cook in oven as for scones.  Test with skewer to make sure it is cooked in centre.

Coking Damper- Mixing in NinjaCredit: TPhotos


These are easy to make by adding your choice of different fruit, nuts, yogurt, and either adding water or milk.  I found it best to cut fruit in half although they show adding them whole in the adverts.

The best part is you can use the whole orange with no waste at all. That's right, the rind and pith of the orange has so many health benefits so make sure you use the complete orange. Nothing is wasted with the Ninja.  It is all mixed to a great smooth consistency.

Making Smoothies with the NinjaCredit: TPhotos

You can use many other recipes, from the internet 

Hamilton Beach 62650 6-Speed Classic Hand Mixer, Silver
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If you need something that takes up less room then this is ideal. It comes with the normal beaters, plus wire beaters and a brushed stainless steel whisk.
Plus it does not cost much at all, leaving you money to buy a small blender or other more important things.

Problems with single serve

Until we tried to use the single serve cups we thought this was a great product to use. 

We followed all the directions as shown on TV and in the manual.

We loaded some fruit and yogurt then turned it on. What a horrible noise, sounded more like an impact drill. My husband turned it off straight away. Then tried again, this time he held the top with his hand and it worked.

As it showed the person working this without touching the cup, we tried again. This time it did not make as much noise, although the cup started to unlock from the machine.

We tried this several times and still it did the same. We tried it with half a cup of water only. Same result.

We rang the company and explained the problem. They sent us two more cups and another blade.

This time when we set it up we took a short video of the action (I have added the video, watch the cup carefully and you will see it spin undone). The new blade and cup still unlocked from the machine. This time when we removed it from the base, we noticed liquid on top of the motor. Yes, the seal around the blade leaked, allowing the juice to go in through the gaps of the
motor. That was a real problem.

That finished us. The idea is great, although I believe the manufacturers still have some improvements they could make to this product. In all fairness, the company did offer to replace the lot. Although I declined, because I think we can find a better product for far less than $500.00 and buy a local product this time.

Note: I just spent $39 and bought a Kambrook 1.5 litre blender. It takes up less space on the counter and leaves me with more money in my pocket. This will do until I do more research.

My Faulty Ninja self serve

This is a short and noisy video

Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 250-Watt 5-Speed Hand and Stand Mixer Combo, Black
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This looks ideal for me as I can use it both as a hand and stand alone mixer when busy doing other things. Plus I can still make my damper or bread dough.
This also comes with stainless steel bowl and chrome beaters with 5 speed action. Best of all it is not expensive.