Knowing how to choose the right Electric Stove for you is not an easy decision. There are so many different types and styles plus a huge contrast in prices from one to the other. Make sure that you find a helpful assistant so you do not make the same mistakes that we made.

I used to think a stove was a stove, simple. Yes you could just buy either an electric or gas stove. Not anymore. I have always used gas as I believed it was quicker. When I bought my last one I bought gas, I looked at it and saw the gas jets on top. I was misled; it had a gas top but electric oven. I was disappointed but learned to live with this.

Since moving to the country I had no choice as there was no gas in my home so we went shopping. We picked out a lovely stainless steel electric stove, which cost $1100. When it was delivered it wasn't a freestanding one. In the shop it looked like one but on returning to the shop we could see where we went wrong (dummy).

We decided on a 600mm Westinghouse stove. This has ceramic glass hotplates, which to me I thought would be so much easier to clean, no little bits and pieces to keep removing after the pot boils over. Heating elements are concealed under the glass surface. It cost us an extra $400 for the stove and $100 extra to upgrade to a bigger range hood.

These look really good.

  • Yes they are easier to clean.
  • They cook a lot quicker than a normal electric cook top.
  • You need to bring to boil then turn down low and turn off before actually cooked
  • These stay hot after turning off light will turn off when temp drops below 60degrees
  • They cook quicker than normal electric stove so actually saves electricity.
  • I believe the oven also cooks quicker on this stove to my other one.

Whirlpool Stainless Steel Stove

Features of this particular stove

This stove has a 120 minute timerIt has a defrost settingKeep warm settingFan forcedThe cook top has 5 rings (one has double ring – choice for a large or small pot)

Cons of Ceramic glass hotplate stove

  • These stoves require thick based saucepans (damaged bases of pans can cause problems)
  • Bottoms of pots need to be clean and dry to avoid scratching or burning residue onto the glass top
  • Cannot use ceramic glass pots as do not conduct heat the way others do
  • Cannot use pans with copper or aluminum bases as they can leave traces which are hard to remove
  • Buy new stainless pots with 4-6mm thick sandwich base
  • Use only pots with flat or slightly concave bases
  • Resist sliding pots across stove glass top as they can scratch glass
  • Never use cook top as extra bench top or cut anything on it.
  • Never place foil under any pots
  • Before using the first time -you need to preheat oven for 2-4 hrs before use in ventilated room
  • Before using the first time -Heat griller before using for about an hour to remove odors.

Westinghouse does not supply any cookbooks with this oven. I was disappointed with this as that is normally an added bonus when buying a new stove

Cleaning ceramic glass hotplates

This stove came with two little sachets; one to clean cook top glass and one to polish and seal the glass top. Plus they give you a scraper to clean any boiled over mess.

WARNING: Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of emphasis on the way that the Glass front ovens are exploding. (I am not saying which stove this happens with as not sure) they reccommend that you buy a stove with 4 glass front now not dual. This was on our TV so have added this after writing the article. So do more homework on this.

In conclusion

When I first bought this stove I had to learn how to cook again. My husband says that I can burn water, and he is right. With this stove you cannot be distracted as they boil quickly and will boil over. And therefore run out of water and burn whatever you are cooking.

As soon as it boils you need to turn it down to low, and still keep an eye on it. If it boils over it can spoil your glass surface. Always turn it off before completely cooked. Beware as this cook top will stay hot until it falls below 60degrees that is when the warning light will go off.

The cleaning performance to me was a bit of a pain, but I now do it without thinking. I have now found a product which is a cleaner and protector in one container. You still have to polish it off after cleaning with another soft cloth though.

And yes, these do look much nicer than the others. Although, these glass cook tops also show the dust.

I hope this article will help you to make the right choice and prepare you with the pros and cons of buying an Electric Ceramic hotplate stove.

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