The Good and Bad about Social Networking Sites

           Social Networking sites have become more and more popular with today’s society. These very popular sites are found all over the web, and there are plenty of them. They allow you to socialize with your friends and family, and even meet more people from all over the world. Out of most of these social networking sites, one of the most popular, is Facebook.

          Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow roommates for the students at Harvard University. Accounts were later available by other college students in the Boston area, Ivy League students, and Stanford students. Then it was available to all college students anywhere, and started gaining popularity. Eventually, it was available to high school students, and then to anybody over the age of 13.  Facebook was officially launched in February 2004, and today, has over 600 million users.

          There are many reasons why social networking sites, such as Facebook are good for our society and overall a benefit. One reason why they are a benefit is that you are able to connect with your friends and family easily and stay in contact. You can also connect with old friends who you have lost contact with over the years. There are plenty of stories about how adults have reunited with childhood friends over facebook that they haven’t talked to in years. This right here gives Social Networking sites a good use.

          Another advantage people have seen in Facebook, is the ability to make money using it, or being able to find a job. There are always listings on Facebook about job openings and it’s easy to find an employer over Facebook and ask if they help on a personal level. It’s also easier to ask a lot of your friends at once if they know about a job opening. Also, Facebook has made a lot of money by letting other businesses put advertisements on each page. This helps these businesses get their name more publicity, resulting in more profits.

          As you can see, there are very many benefits from social networking sites. Even though there are so many benefits though, there are many downfalls to sites such as Facebook too.  Many think that there are more things bad about these sites than good.

One of these situations where Facebook is bad is the chance of becoming addicted to it. Some people will spend hours a day on there when they need to be getting other things done. Especially for college students, they might see themselves on there all night when they need to be getting things done for their classes. With the ability to get on Facebook, and other sites through your phone now too, it makes it much easier to get unattached from it.

          Another obvious reason why Facebook is bad is that criminals such as sex offenders and child molesters can easily get a hold of people on there.  Even with account security and things like that, everybody on Facebook is going to be vulnerable to things like this. Because of this, it’s very important that parents monitor their child’s accounts, and that’s even if they let them have them.

          An additional downgrade to Facebook is that like any other site on the web, you can get spam or even viruses. It’s becoming more popular with hackers and cyber criminals to reach victims through Facebook. In some cases, it’s as easy as clicking on a link and you can receive viruses. Also, when you receive some of these viruses, they become links on your page and your friends might get it as well.

          Overall, the pros and cons of Facebook really make it a difficult decision sometimes on whether or not you want one. There’s a lot of reasons why you would want one, but at the same time, plenty why you wouldn’t. I don’t think the risks outweigh the benefits in this situation though. All social networking sites are harmful to you and your computer too.