Gay marriage arguments are an endless topic in some communities and states today.  There are arguments for gay marriage and there are arguments against gay marriage.  However, the pros and cons of gay marriage never seem to convince the other person.  Usually, because those arguing are not are not even listening to the other side of the argument.    Let’s list some of the arguments for and against. 

 Definition of marriage

 If we Google for the definition, we get

  • The formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife.
  • A relationship between married people or the period for which it lasts.

 Those who do not support gay marriage will point to the first definition.  There needs to be a man and a woman.  That marriage was made for procreation and that you need one of each sex to do so.

 Those who are support gay marriage will point to the second definition, stating there only needs to be two consenting adults.  That in today’s society, there are lot of childless couples, people who are together without the need to procreate.

 What is marriage?

 Marriage today is about two people supporting each other.  There are many legal rights and responsibilities that come with marriage, and are not available for those living with each other. There are endless statistics about childbearing out of wedlock, so I do not think we can include that in the definition of marriage, whether you support it or not.


 The following paragraphs are written to agree with the heading of each part.  They are only intended to present the arguments in a clear way.  They are not meant to argue for or against any point of view.

 Arguments for Gay Marriage

 As much as ten percent of the population is gay.  Denying that large a percentage of the population a right that is available to others is unfair.  The gay lifestyle as a whole tends to be unsafe, so giving gay couples the right to marriage will settle them down.  Studies have shown that married couples are better off financially, emotionally and medically.  When there is a legal or medical crisis, rights of live together couples are not recognized.  The other half of a couple is shut out.  In the case of a gay couple, the troubled gay partner may be estranged from their blood family, and that leaves them no support.  If not estranged, the family may not include the partner in any decisions.

 We are already letting single and gay couples adopt children.  Again, studies have shown that children are better off in stable marriages.  It would stand to reason that if we are letting a couple adopt, we should let them marry to allow the children the stability of a set of parents that have commited to each other.

 With marriage, the two people will also have more rights at work.  They will be able to claim them on their insurance, and ask for time off in emergencies.  This will give everyone more support in times of crisis.  Knowing that a person can support their partner, and knowing that our children, if gay, have the support of a partner will help everybody.

 Marriage as an institution is in trouble.  Half of all marriages end in divorce.  Some live together for extended periods of time without getting married.  Having a larger population getting married, and staying married, would help everybody to think more closely about their choices.

 Arguments against Gay Marriage

 A marriage has traditionally been a union between a man and a woman.  It is universally a religious distinction, and as such, same sex marriages and couples have always been considered wrong.  To accept a same sex marriage in any manner is the same as condoning them.  To allow them will send the wrong message to our children and others. 

 The lifestyle of gay people, especially males, as seen by society, is loose and promiscuous.  If marriage is allowed, it will just be a revolving door of marriage and divorce, and it will cheapen the institution of marriage.  Marriage as an institution is already in trouble, and this would be the death knoll for it. 

 Studies have shown that children do better if they have a father and a mother.  If we allow same sex marriages, the number of children in nontraditional families will increase at an even greater rate than it is now.


 As you can see above, the arguments for gay marriage and the arguments against gay marriage are often rooted in the same sets of facts, but each interprets them in their own way.  The pros and cons of marriage are varied, and rooted more in feelings than fact.  Whatever happens, someone will be unhappy.  The definition of marriage will be a source of argument in the coming years and decades and will, unfortunately, probably be decided by the courts.