There are several things to consider when choosing between home health care agencies and private health care. There are many pros and cons to home health care agencies. When deciding on which option to choose for health care family member will need to factor in several things in order to make the best decision. Most things that should be considered revolve around experience, illness type and monetary solutions.

Levels of experience

Home health care agencies are full of experienced individuals and can provide a large range of services at many skill levels. In many cases agencies have a large number of care givers that have a large range of experience and qualification. This pool of experience allows an agency to provide a patient with an agent that has a skill set matched to their needs. This can also lead to an agent being assigned to a patient that is not the best for the situation.


Agencies have a large pool of resources to pull from when sending a caretaker to a patient. Agencies can assign caretakers that have multiple qualifications that may be necessary for a particular patient type. Many family members will be at a loss when reviewing caretakers on their own because they do not know what to expect from a particular illness. Agencies have experience with many types of illnesses and can generally make better decisions when selecting a caretaker for a patient.


When using an agency, there will be several agents that are assigned to a patient. This is to allow agents the ability to have time off and cover any unexpected time off. Due to the wide range of caregivers that a patient will encounter with an agency, the patient may get confused when seeing so many different faces on a daily basis. On the other hand, private providers may have a very difficult time filling gaps and loved ones may go without care on occasions. Family members must weigh these options when deciding on which method to use for home care.


There are many situations that a family may choose a health care agency versus private health care due to insurance issues. Private health care agents are difficult to use insurance with, and in many situations, require direct payments. Health care agencies are typically set up on several insurance plans, and accept several providers. Insurance can be very important to financially strained families and health care agencies may be the best options for health care.