Brick Paving your Home

With the advent of water restrictions everyone is more aware and looking for ways to conserve our precious water.  Landscaping with brick paving will reduce pouring water onto our lawns.  Often others less financial decided to let their lawn die because they could not afford the added cost of landscaping with brick paving.  

When thinking about landscaping or improving the appearance of your back and front yards, there are many different ideas to choose from.  Should you brick pave part of your property or would imitation lawn be a better choice.  Then again you could use a mixture of both.

Where to use brick pavers

 Brick pavers can be virtually used anywhere for landscaping around you home.  They are very versatile for use around swimming pools as they reduce the risk of guests slipping on wet surfaces. For the same reason they are great under patios, driveways and footpaths.

Brick pavers can also be used to edge your garden to prevent your lawn from growing into your garden or to make them more decorative.

 Permeable Brick Pavers

 Normal brick pavers encourage water to overflow into our storm water drainage systems.  This is where the permeable brick pavers are best as they are porous and allows drainage of the water, instead of overflowing into our drains already under pressure from excessive rains.

Choosing a pattern

 Choice of a suitable pattern will depend on the area you are paving and your personal choice. Be guided by your qualified brick paver. He should advise you what style will fit and suit your particular area.

Designs for Laying brick pavers

  • Basket weave
  • Herringbone
  • Half herringbone
  • Normal brick laying style

 Designs inside the Normal laying of brick pavers

You may decide to make a feature pattern inside your normal paving.  For instance circles, squares, different colored edging.  If you like the game of checkers you can even create your own checker board right under your patio.  That will keep some members of the family occupied.

Pros of using Brick Paving

  • They look good
  • You can drive over them
  • Saves watering and still allows for drainage
  • You can choose many different colors
  • You can choose from many different patterns
  • No more mowing lawns
  • Brick pavers are easily replaced if broken or damaged

Cons of using brick paving

  •  If used on driveways they can be easily damaged if not laid and edged correct
  • Need to constantly poison the weeds growing between them
  • Need to keep extras in case some break as may not be able to match same color
  • Brick pavers do fade in the sun
  • Beware of using white pavers as they will show stains more


Before you employ a paving contractor; make sure you get several written quotes from reputable contractors with their name on the quote.  Never employ an unregistered company in case you have a problem with the quality of the work once it is finished.

 Ask the contractor to show you other work that he has completed.  If still unsure, ask the person he is supposed to have done work for, if they were reliable and if they are satisfied with their work.

I mention this as there are so many supposed contractors, promising to do the work and take half the money and the client never sees them again. Many pensioners have been caught by these unscrupulous types of people, so be careful.

 Above all have a look at a variety of brick paving designs and the different types of brick pavers and colors.  Look at all aspects of this before you have your landscape brick paved and part with your hard earned money.