There are many opinions regarding marrying at a young age. Some think that it’s old-fashioned to marry young. In this modern day and age, people don’t marry at a young age anymore unlike during the times of our parents and grandparents when women got married as soon as they reached puberty. However, there are still some couples who choose to marry at a young age. Let’s look at the pros and cons of marrying young.

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Pros of Marrying Young

1. Women have more energy at a young age

A young woman are more energetic. She will be able to juggle between her career, her domestic duties, her husband and children and this can all be done with passion because she’s still young.

2. Lack of life experiences

Having little life experiences may seem like a disadvantage to a young woman. However, a young woman who lacks life experiences is much less burdened psychologically. She can go through her married life with much more open-mindedness without basing them on past experiences.

3. Health condition of a woman at a young age

A young woman would be at her best health so it should be easier for her to conceive and go through labor. There will be practically zero risk for her when she decides to bear children. Additionally, birth interval is also more manageable because she is still young.

4. Support system

Young women would presumably have a better support system in terms of the people around her. She would still be in touch with her friends. Her parents should still be around. Perhaps even her grandparents may still be alive and well. This means that she will have all the support she needs in case she needs help with her marriage.

Cons of Marrying Young

Nevertheless, you should also have to realize that there are some disadvantages or cons to marrying young that are common to most young married couples.

1. Depression among women

Young women who cannot cope well juggling between her domestic duties and her career are more prone to depression. Many end up with an unhappy marriage leading to depression and even suicide.

2. Lack of experience

A young woman with very little life experiences wouldn’t be able to already know what she really wants in life and in the man that she wants to spend the rest of her life with. As such, the chances of choosing the wrong man is very high. At the age of 20 or younger, a woman is still not mature enough to know what is best for her.

3. Sacrifices

To have a good family life, a married couple needs to work hard to raise money to sustain the family especially with children around. Young couples will need to sacrifice their youth working hard while their unmarried friends may still be busy having fun.

Women especially would be required to sacrifice their career to take care of the children. And this may result in regret and dissatisfaction in these women.

So is it good to marry young? That is really up to the individual. Different people will feel differently. Perhaps a young woman who has matured beyond her young age may be able to cope with the demands of being married but marrying young has often been associated with a high divorce rate. Consider the pros and cons of marrying young before ever deciding this course in life.