Molding chocolate is a particular kind of chocolate that is widely used by home confectioners in the making of items that are shaped or covered in chocolate. The chocolate coating that would normally go on chocolate truffles or the molded chocolates that you get from using chocolate molds are two particular examples of treats that can be created by using this product. There are a few pros and cons to using molding chocolate over more traditional raw chocolates, and they should be considered before you make a final decision as to which chocolate you are going to use.

Quality – There is no doubt that the quality of molding chocolates has improved significantly over the years. In the past, molding chocolate had a very waxy texture with a bit of an odd taste that came from the manufacturing process. In more recent years, the procedure for making chocolate for molding has matured and become more refined, producing a higher quality product that was seen in the past.

Still, despite whatever quality gains have been made, this kind of chocolate is still nowhere near as good as a high-quality raw chocolate. Still, the difference in convenience and potential safety may make the loss of quality worth it.

Convenience – There is no getting around the huge gain in convenience that you get when you use molding chocolates instead of regular chocolate. The reason for this comes down to the need to temper the chocolate, which can be a tricky and tedious process if you don't have a chocolate tempering machine or do not have a great deal of experience. Molding chocolate, on the other hand, needs only to be gently melted and it is ready to use.

Safety – When you spend a good deal of time cooking with children, safety must remain a primary concern at all times. When you are going through the process of tempering chocolate, it involves the use of a double boiler and standing over the burner, which is definitely not something that you want a child doing. Using molding chocolate allows you to avoid this potential concern.

While they will not create nearly the same level of quality as you would find using more traditional raw chocolates, the great thing about molding chocolate is that it is simple to use and very convenient, making it the chocolate of choice if you are just starting out or using molds for chocolate with your children as a fun activity. In time, though, you may seriously want to consider graduating to more complicated treats and higher quality chocolates.