Online dating is becoming more popular as the days go and this is all over the world. People are getting love, romance and connections, and funny as it sounds people are ending up married through online dating but at the same time others end up heart broken and disappointed. That brings us to what I want to write about today, there are so many advantages of online dating and at the same time there also so many disadvantages.

Reduce real life interactions
Most people that engage in online dating are shy, they do this because the people they engage with in online dating cannot be seen and rarely interact. But this can make a person not relate with people around him for fear of rejection.  Hence reduced interactions in real life.

Self image
When a person goes online you can be whatever you always wanted to be but you are not. You could put up your best pictures or even pictures that are not yours, someone could put up the best education he or she would have wanted to be and so the other person falls in love with this person thinking what he or she submitted is the truth. But when they find out the truth they might just reject you, which is a very bad thing.

Bad perception of online dating
Though online dating is becoming more popular or even more acceptable, it may still be embarrassing for those who are practicing it. This may end up making some have a low self esteem or even feel less worthy or less attractive especially if the peers are not in support. But if all you peer support you and maybe all of you are into online dating your self esteem will definitely be high.

Distorted identity
We all know that now millions of people around the world are engaging in online dating. This only means that there very many different personalities opened for dating. But the question is the personalities displayed on dating sits the true personalities of the owners? Many people end up falling for in love with a personality that is made up and distorted.

Opening up
For many people online dating has given them a platform to be themselves. They open up honestly very quickly showing out their imperfections and do not face rejection. This helps someone self image or self worth to improve and get a partner who knows what to expect when they meet.