Today, a tremendous amount of science, technology and innovation goes into the design of a bra because every woman's needs are different and the bras have to perform on multiple fronts like 

  1. Support and comfort
  2. Fashion and sex appeal (specially with the growing popularity of lingerie parties and the like)
  3. Special requirements of sportswomen

and so on and so forth. One of the coolest innovations in this field is the invention of the water bra which serves a variety of purposes very decently, so much so that just about every woman can benefit from adding a few water bras to her lingerie collection. 

Water Bra(80270)

What is a Water Bra?

A water bra is a special type of bra which is "padded" with a fluid (a mixture of water and special oil) which serves to augment the breasts of smaller chested women, often by enhancing the cleavage like an ordinary push-up bra. It can also provide greater support and comfort.

Advantage of Water Bra over Ordinary Padded Bra

An ordinary padded bra uses latex or some such solid and hence relatively stiff material for the padding. Consequently they cannot take the shape of the breasts very well and so often appear to be lumpy and are in general easier to spot. 

But because the water bra uses fluid as the padding material they can take the shape of the breasts better (like a mould) and appear seamless and can be easily worn even under a dress or a form-fitting shirt. Further, they are much more difficult to spot and people probably won't realize that you are wearing a water bra even when they are in contact with your breasts (like while giving you a tight hug)!

Disadvantage of Water Bra

Ironically, the only real disadvantage of using a water bra is the thing which makes it so special and different from other padded bras--the fluid inside the fabric. With regular use, there is every possibility that your water bra may develop a leak, and even worse, you may notice it for the first time while you are actually wearing it and you suddenly feel your dress getting wet. 

For example, this can happen in the middle of a party and then you will be left with no other alternative other than spending the evening in a soaked dress as the fluid inside the water bra does not dry up easily and, needless to say it can get very embarrassing. Not only that, it is difficult to remove the stain and a leak can even cost you a fine evening dress.