1. Discounts for brand name apparel , shoes, equipment, etc

  • Whenever you work in a retail store, you usually get an employee discount on all products as well as other perks, depending on the store.

2. Gain Better Knowledge of Products

  • Working retail, you will know the products of the store a lot better and thus making yourself more knowledgable. It really is nice to have a better understanding of products and what works for yourself.

3. Become a Better Buyer

  • You start to understand when to buy/spend. And when to avoid shopping.

4. Gain Respect for Others

  •  Before I worked retail I was just another impatient customer, now I have an appreciation for any cashiers or sales associates working retail, this stuff isn’t easy.

5. It’s a Great Workout!

  • Constantly on your feet, assisting customers, putting away returns, picking clothes off the floor, etc. You could very well put on a few miles each day just walking to different sections of the store. Burning calories comes easy working in retail. Get some comfortable shoes though, otherwise this could become a "Con" to working here.



1. Angry Customers

  • When you have never worked retail you could never understand how hard it really is. Customers get extremely angry and frustrated with people all the time for honest mistakes and big lines.

2. Stressful Work Environment

  • With retail its usually hard to find a consistent work force because of the low salaries so it gets stressful when people don’t show up to work on a busy day and you are the one of the few that do show up….it just means more work and angry costumers.
  • On a busy day when tensions are high, for some reason costumers assume everyone can handle a cash register (which is untrue) and expects them to hop a cash register and check them out, Not everyone was hired to be a cashier. If you are a sales associate on a busy day expect to get some angry customer in your face because you aren’t on a cash register.


  • Most stores usually have some sort of heating or air conditioning system that will dry you up like a prune. Your skin will get irritated and lips will chap. Drink plenty of water and keep a chap stick handy.

4. Weird Schedules

  • At retail you can expect to work during the weekend and at night which in turn creates a pretty odd schedule. A lot of times you will get Tuesdays and Thursdays off instead of two days in a row, it could be any day that was just an example.

5. Peak Season

  • Christmas, Thanksgiving, BLACK FRIDAY….OMG…OMG…
  • During this time you will get 10-12 hour shifts and handle so many customers it’s insane. Also customers are even more angry and frustrated than ever.



                I think people should definitely try working retail maybe just for the experience even if it’s just for a few months. You will gain a lot of respect for the people who do work in this area, trust me…after working in retail I never get impatient in lines anymore…..and I always put my clothes back where I got them if I don’t buy them. Though I would not consider it a career option unless you go into management, there is just too much stress to make it long term. Plus most people do not like the crazy work schedules.