If you are a video maker who is transferring your old VHS to DVD disc or Blu-ray disc, you will eventually need to get yourself a DVD drive so that you can watch your videos in the comfort of your living room. A DVD drive is a disc "burner" that "burns" (or records) to DVD. It can copy your video material with a computer and then play back the video material on your television. You have two basic types to choose from when buying a DVD drive. You can select either an internal DVD burner or an external DVD burner. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

An internal DVD disc burner is installed inside of your computer. It is always mounted inside your computer unless you open the computer and take out the device. The part that can sometimes be frustrating is that you or a professional will need to install an internal DVD drive inside your computer first. There is no way around it. Depending on your technical skill, you may want to hire that professional I mentioned. This kind of disc burner will usually come with your computer but if the original internal DVD drive does get damaged, you can buy another one and swap it for the broken burner hardware. One of the major benefits is that internal DVD burners are usually less expensive.

On the other hand, an external USB DVD drive is a DVD writer that can easily connect to your computer with just a simple USB cable. Almost every single computer has a USB port on it so this type of drive can be very convenient. Some USB DVD burners are even equipped with an IEEE – or Firewire - connection. One of the pros of the external USB DVD drive is that you can remove them from your computer very quickly and easily and take them with you and your laptop when you are on the go. However, if you just want to hook one up to your main desktop computer, you can. Another pro is that it is very simple to install an external USB drive compared to the internal type. With an external device, you do not need to hire a professional to do the installation. Almost anyone can connect a USB DVD drive. The only con is that the external DVD burner is often more expensive than its internal drive counterpart.

I hope this overview has been helpful to you as you take your next step towards transferring your priceless home movies and videos to digital media. VHS to DVD and Super 8 movie transfers require quite a bit of planning and research... and quite a bit of computer hardware as well. Good luck!