As mentioned in the previous articles, there are a couple of favorable and unfavorable factors earbuds have. Normally we call them advantages and disadvantages of the said device. It is already known to everyone the convenience this device has brought to us by no longer to have those band that we fit on our head but at the same time prevents us from moving freely, an easier method was made possible through the In- ear device, by just inserting it in to the outer part of the ear with either used of a rubber or foam sleeves that would make it fit fine on our ear canal. It could either be a wireless Bluetooth or a Kleer technology enabled. It has been made known that these wireless earbuds are the most convenient of all. If you are a swimmer and is already tired of the boring sound of the splashing water, waterproof earbuds also already been offered in the stores. With these earbuds made real and available, life seems to be so perfect already with having to listen to your favourite to almost anywhere you want in a very comfortable way. Now what makes this device a disadvantage to us human beings? Now we have to be aware that this device may cause us from losing our sense of hearing.

As I believe almost everyone will agree that it is one of the senses very important a human being should have and should not lose, for it allows us to enjoy the unique and lovely sounds the world has to offer. With the incorrect use of the device, one can suffer from the problem of hearing. It has been clarified already that only up to 85 decibels is the amount a human ear could tolerate. But sad to say that people especially youth of nowadays are too reckless and careless on not allowing themselves to be aware of this fact and have cause a lot of youth to suffer from hearing problem. As early and as younger as they are now, yes, they are already suffering from the loss.

One of the disadvantages I have noticed as well, though, it rarely occurs, is knowing the fact that this device is known to block out the background noise so you will be able to focus on the music or song you have been listening, we found it very comfortable indeed, forgetting the other fact that we also need to be vigilant to the background noise especially when you are outdoors where there are cars passing, or when you are driving alone. This is only to prevent you from any sudden, unwanted accident to occur. Sad to say, there were those people who had died because while they were on their earphones while crossing the roads or driving their cars. You weren’t aware that there was this car who also didn’t notice that you did not notice him as well and little did you know that you have already been hit. I hope we prevent this from happening.