Between the joys of laughter and hanging out at the park on the swings and slides all day, there are a lot of positive reasons to have kids. Having a child is one of the most beautiful gifts that you could ask for in life. However, if you are not ready there are some negative reasons as well. If you are not financially or mentally prepared for a child then you should not have one until you are ready to. It is important to wait until you are a mature adult who is able to make the right decisions. When the topic about starting a family comes about with your significant other, it is important to think of all of the pros and cons about having a child. I have generated a list of both pros and cons of having a child. Be sure to add your own ideas to the list to when deciding if a child is right for you now or not.


-someone to love

-someone to watch and enjoy their activities with them


-can take care of you when you are old

-help around the house (chores)

-passing on traits, materials and knowledge

-brings out your "inner child" in you and gives you play time

-rewarding experience/allows you to feel needed and gives you a purpose in life

-watching them grow up to be adults and have their own kids

-tax deduction


-child could dislike you when he grows up and can have attitude problems

-need to get knowledge about children before you have one of your own (classes)

-costly (diapers, food, school, clothes etc.)

-time consuming

-loss of sleep

-quick meals-more stops at the fast food restaurants

-parenting problems

-adds stress to your life

-may have to deal with illnesses

-pain of child birth

-more laundry to do and more things to clean in the house-toys will be laying in every room of the house.

-have to pay for child care

-won't have as much free time to go out with friends

These are just a few pros and cons to having a child. Remember, if there is a pro to having a child that you really like make sure you look at the cons as well. Having a child simply because of a tax deduction is definitely not right. You should be prepared for your child in a few dozen different ways. The worse feeling in the world is doing something that you regret. It is very important that you and your partner are both aware that you both must play an active role in the child's life together. Deciding on whether or not a child is right for you should take some time to think about so you don't rush into the decision. Remember, having a child is not easy and you can't return them once you get tired of caring for them. Having a child is a life long decision that you will need to live with, so it is important to be safe if you are not ready.