A breakthrough in science does not occur very often. Even with all the scientific research, new discoveries in science are rare. Protandim is an all-natural supplement that is one of those rare breakthroughs that not too many people know about.

Pharmaceuticals have reigned as the main ingredient in helping people cope with aging and disease. However, more people have become skeptical of the pharmaceutical drug industry and many are turning to natural products to help maintain optimal health. Those in search for a cure or preventive treatment for any ailment or disease tire of suffering side effects or having to pay outrageous out-of-pocket costs for drugs that are not helping. Though natural supplements are better for the body than synthetic drugs, are the benefits of supplements really helping us? With Protandim being a breakthrough in science, this supplement just might be the answer.

Breakthrough in ScienceCredit: LifeVantage - Protandim

A Lesson in Science

You don’t need to be a scientist to understand that the body is a complex system made up of renewal and elimination processes, as well as enzymatic reactions that allow our body to work as it does. According to science, as we get older certain anti-aging enzymes (superoxide dismutase and catalase) slow down and our body is not capable of eliminating harmful toxins (free radicals) as quickly as it used to when we were younger. This build up of free radical damage in our cells creates oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is linked to over 200 diseases and scientists have compiled over 80,000 research studies on PubMed, a public government library of biomedical literature that includes the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, and preclinical sciences. Some of these peer-reviews are scientific breakthroughs.

Newsworthy Science

Protandim is an all-natural supplement made up of a 3 patented blend of 5 plant extracts: milk thistle, bacopa, ashwagandha, green tea and turmeric. Protandim, featured as a breakthrough in science on ABC PrimeTime, PBS’ The Healing Quest and The Today Show, has more than 20 universities conducting ongoing clinical studies and researches. Seven peer-reviews in significant medical journals have been published with more slated to come.

Working Science

Protandim is an indirect antioxidant. According to one study, at the cellular level it activates the naturally occurring anti-oxidant enzymes known as superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase. This enzymatic activation in our cells eliminates millions of free radicals per second, on a continuous basis 24/7, thus reducing oxidative stress by 40%-70% after 120 days. The study proved that this was the case in every person no matter what age they were. This is why Protandim is a breakthrough in science.

Breakthrough in Science ProtandimCredit: LifeVantage

A Breakthrough in Science

Six other published peer reviews on PubMed proved Protandim did the following:

1) Produced a 300% increase in glutathione, a key antioxidant and anti-aging factor

2) Preserved heart function and demonstrates strong cardio protective effects

3) Improved markers of oxidative stress and fibrosis in Muscular Dystrophy

4) Prevented the proliferation of cells that can cause re-blockage of vessels following coronary artery bypass surgery, stenting, and carotid enarterectomy

5) Acted as a tumor suppressor believed responsible for the reduction in skin cancers

6) Served as a therapeutic approach for cancer prevention

The Future of Science

Nutraceuticals, nutritional supplements that provide health and medical benefits, are becoming more well-known and could be the future of science. As science moves forward in discovering ways in which natural products can help us live longer and healthier, it is our obligation to check the information set forth and decide whether it will benefit us at all.

Oxidative damage resulting in oxidative stress will be the future of our health unless we make sure that our supplements are really benefitting us. Protandim is one supplement that is truly a breakthrough in science.