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Entrepreneur ideas need to be protected and the only way to protect a business idea or new product ideas is to keep your cards close to your chest and don't discuss your ideas with anyone.  Keeping quite is truly the best way to protect your vision of possibilities until you have all your questions answered and you understand what steps you need to take to jump start moving forward.

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Take to heart this warning how companies are targeting entrepreneurs through revenue sharing websites where many entrepreneurs usually gather.  The companies are known to advertise at revenue sharing websites or any other sites that attract open-minded entrepreneurs who are usually more open to take a financial risk in the hopes of making a huge profit from their business or product ideas.  The companies purchase advertising space at popular entrepreneurial hubs because the companies understand they can reach and target thousands of open-minded entrepreneurs.

If you have a business or product idea you feel would benefit consumers, you can link up with successful inventors and entrepreneurs.  Linking up with successful people who share your desire to become the next well known business or the next must have product is where you can get your questions answered while protecting your business or new product idea.  Most successful inventors and entrepreneurs are willing to help guide you so you can move forward with your plan without worrying about someone stealing your vision.

This article is to help you understand not to trust any company who is so eager claiming they can help you because from my experience and many of my friends experiences have taught me that those companies are focused on one goal and that goal is to get you to hire them to do work that you can do yourself.  Don't let any company try to tell you that you need them in order to succeed and don't let them try to tell you that you can't jump start your business or product idea on your own.  There are dozens of free resources where you can learn what you need to learn to get the ball rolling with your business or product idea.

If you feel you have the next best business or product idea, I suggest you link up with groups of people who offer free advice, help each other and where successful inventors and entrepreneurs openly discuss the steps they took to get where they are now.  You can join Facebook groups, Twitter and subscribe to YouTube Channels where entrepreneurs like yourself gather to learn from each other.

First rule of thumb is to protect your vision and not to hire any company unless a successful inventor or entrepreneur tells you who they used to get where they wanted to be.

New Product Idea

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