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How do you protect hair from sun and chlorine damage on beautiful sunny days when you're at the pool? This is the question many women want to know the answer to and with good reason. The damage done to hair by sun and chlorine can be extensive and sometimes cannot be undone. You might be able to cover up the damage with a good hair conditioner that will make it feel and look better, but once the damage is done many times the hair damage is permanent.

There are several things you can do to protect hair from sun and chlorine damage, however, it will cost you some money, effort, planning and forethought. The problem is that many people don't want to do what is necessary to protect the hair. The ones that are willing to do what it takes are usually the ones that have already had their turn green with a slimy feel to it when it's wet, and a dry straw texture that causes hair breakage when attempting to style it.

Let's first get into the cost of protecting the hair from sun and chlorine damage. There are specific hair products that are similar to sunscreen or sunblock for the skin that will help somewhat. However, you can't expect them to perform miracles. Also, they only claim to protect from sun, not chlorine, so you need to keep this in mind. The most popular suncreen hair productsare spray on types that cost anywhere from $8 to $15 or higher depending on level of protection and brand.

Not only should you buy hair products to protect hair from sun and chlorine damage you need to invest in a good sunbrella and a few cute little hats. While you're at it get a really good spray bottle that you can fill with water to wet the hair before you enter the pool. You can get into the shower and do it, but what if there is no shower? When hair is wet it can't absorb chlorine as much as it does when it is dry simply because it is already saturated with water.

If there is a shower it will behoove you to rinse hair as frequently as possible in it after you get out of the pool. The more water pressure in the shower the more it will help force chlorine out. At this time you can add more sunscreen or sunblock before heading out into the sun again. I told you it will take effort, but if you time it right nobody will notice what you're doing. That is, if you don't want them to know. If you don't care then have at it and do what you need to do to protect your hair, which really should be the priority.

Keep in mind that chlorine is a strong chemical that can overpower whatever else is in the hair. It is so strong that it can strip natural hair color out. In combination with the sun, natural highlights can be created that, at times, look good, but it's when you go overboard that it creates the damage. In the old days women wore swim caps, but while they are excellent for protecting hair from chlorine not many women are willing to wear them these days. After all, they aren't very flattering.

What do you do if you already have sun and chlorine damage? Well, they both need to be treated separately not as one. Once damage is done it cannot be undone all you can do is apply a good hair conditioner that will coat the hair and make it look and feel healthy. In other words, you cover it up until the hair gets cut off little by little or all at once it's your choice.

Chlorine, however, is another matter. It can be removed by using a Malibu treatmentor two if chlorine deposits are severe. Malibu hair products are the best way to go when it comes to chlorine removal and to manage hair until the damage is cut off. Chlorine can be removed; however, the damage that it does, just like the sun, is permanent. Hair conditioner, once again, will help smooth out the hair cuticle and make hair look and feel healthy, although it isn't.

The best thing you can do is protect hair from sun and chlorine damage in the first place. Spend the money and make the effort needed to do so.